How to make a perfect vacation in Red River, New Mexico

There is a very good chance that if you and your family & # 39; I sit down to start planning your next great vacation, possible areas probably will not include the Red River, New Mexico. This is not the attractiveness of some of the other more popular resorts for ski homes in the immediate vicinity of the region, and does not know that it is associated with Hollywood glamor and radiance.
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As it turns out, you really miss. Considering one of the gems in the southwestern United States, Red River, New Mexico, invariably create a loyal following of people who know where to go to enjoy some of the best mountain and snow sports in the United States, as well as pleasure. great outdoors in a fairly low-key environment. If your family & # 39; I love to keep things nice and easy “cool”, the Red River can be a place of rest, you are looking for.
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Here are just a few highlights:

Explore the Outdoors – Let it be skiing, snowboarding, hiking, fishing or off-road tour, you will be in the southern part of the Rocky Mountains called Sangre de Cristo. You are also devoted to the study of one of the great US National Forest, National Forest Carson.
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Meet the House of society – This joint “party” was part of the scene of the Red River from the 1940s, offering activities for the residents and visitors of all ages.
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Enjoy local events – Red River is an eclectic community, and with this diverse population originate a variety of local events. Some of the most popular events – an annual music festival Bluegrass and Old Time (which takes much for four decades) and Ball Buckaroo Foundation, which is held every year for almost a decade.
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Close to the action – Red River is also located in close proximity to some of the most popular ski resorts in the country, Tolosa and angel lights. Find comfort and peace of mind, before heading to an hour in either of these two cities. You can also make day trips to learn about the parks Cimarron Canyon & Eagle Nest Lake State, as well as therapeutic geothermal oo Kaliente.

Red River, New Mexico, this is your resort area daily ski lodge, and that’s really the best part of this little piece of paradise. You will not only enjoy all the same wonderful things about a ski lodge without the crowds, but you & # 39; You can also contact the city & its people in such a way to make you feel more like a part of the community instead of a tourist. you may just find that one visit will make you a fan for life.
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Oklahoma City Arts Festival

The Oklahoma City Art Festival is a great opportunity for people of all ages to engage their senses in an exciting festival experience. The occasion offers a unique touch with a rich mix of visual, performing and culinary arts and cultures from across the country. Numerous live performances organized at this venue add to the festive mood of this event. Visual artists from different destinations get together, present their unique performances and make the event lively.
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OKC Arts Festival – time for exciting entertainment

The OKC Festival of the Arts provides great entertainment options for adults and children alike. From face painting and pottery making to posters, children’s art opportunities are open. Adults can enjoy great shopping in the exciting shopping malls. The Mart-At-Art Mart is a popular place for shopping exclusively for children.
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Delicious food scents to erase your taste buds

Although it provides an opportunity to appreciate different forms of visual art, the Oklahoma City Arts Festival also gives visitors a chance to enjoy a range of culinary delights. Numerous vendors & # 39; cabins and food carts are in and around the place, offering both traditional and international flavors to visitors. Coyote chicken sandwiches, Newport strawberries, Baja Tacos, Indian tacos, tequila bread pudding, and Upside-Down pizza crust are popular dishes.
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Be a part of the Big Event

The Oklahoma City Arts Festival has a rich history of over 43 years. The Stage Center, Festival Plaza and Miriad Botanical Garden are the common platforms on which the event is held annually. This year marks the 44th anniversary of this major event. The event started on April 20 and continues until April 25. This is a great holiday that lasts 6 days.
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If you are looking forward to attending this wonderful Oklahoma City Arts Festival, arrange for comfortable accommodation in the cozy hotels of this place and enjoy a relaxing holiday.


Science vs. fiction. In the neighboring Mexican environmentalists say the truth

While it may be speculations as to whether Chris Shui influences the editorial voices of the Gallup and other media New Mexico, but it looks like Mr. Shui probably built the foundation for his car & # 39; sphere in connection with the crash associated with uranium . On the other hand, whether someone accused of supervision on an ambulance and for something to make a living? In the absence of episodes of “three miles” in the state of Gallup, New Mexico, Chris Shui helped establish Southwest Research and Information Center in the vocal “expert” kontrpunk against the uranium industry by apparently piggy bank tail uranium in 1979 by a number of church rock. Considered one of the worst tailings spills ever to have occurred in North America. We are looking for strong evidence of death from this spill, but got away. Any official published report, which counteracts the preceding statement is welcome.
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Founded in 1971, the group created a SRIC sur & # 39; serious credibility in the media, giving a “grotesque and terrible” consequences of this spill for human and animal health. But where was the actual damage in terms of human life and ecological disaster? We got a resume (dated October 1982) NMEID report called “tailings spills in the mill jinxed in the church: the health and environmental assessment.” The authors concluded: “In summary, the spill affected the environment Puerco River valley for a short period, but it is a little or no impact on the health of local residents.” The report was published three years after the “largest single release of liquid radioactive waste in the United States” (about 94 million gallons of acidified effluent and rear suspension).
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Some may speculate that in the papers published in 1979 about this spill have the sound and smell of barbed, yellow journalism. Others may wonder if these stories are more appropriate only for the most ridiculous supermarket tabloids. If to believe what was written then, the entire population of Gallup, New Mexico, would have fallen to the ground. Helping fuel the current hysteria in uranium mining, the environmental group claims that the project proposed ISL uranium for Iran, near the border of the Church of the Rock in Navajo reserve, caused groundwater contamination is possible. with the same gravity previous spill tail. In a certain sense, they seem to cause the bad memories of this bottling. “It is very well enjoyed by the media,” sighed the CWI Craig Bartels. “It’s a few people who are very vocal,” Bartels said, describing his company’s opposition to SRIC “ISL”, “especially Chris Shui, who considers himself a journalist.”
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The American Center for Disease Control (CDC) did not much stock in the local media. In their official report on the uranium tailings spill:

o “US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in cooperation with the Church Rock community, found no documented use of the river water. Six Navajo individuals who are most likely exposed to spill contaminants were selected by the CDC and tested at the National Laboratory of Los Alamos., where in their human body is usually found the amount of radioactive substances “recommendation. No further action is required.
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o “No public, private or municipal wells that produce water for domestic use or for watering animals were not affected by the spill. The wells that drain water solely from sandstone or limestone aquifers probably will never be affected by pollution pollution” .
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o «Based on limited testing conducted by the CDC, the additional radiation risk from consumption of local livestock is small. The risk is about the same as the increased risk of cosmic radiation that occurs when moving from sea level to an altitude of 5,000 feet.”
o “Camp & # 39; computer modeling identified inhalation as the most significant pathway of human exposure to the spill, however, sampling of airborne dust along the river Puerco in Gallup soon after the spill showed only background levels of radioactivity Moreover, a year after the spill, radioactivity levels… in Puerco river sediments significantly reduced due to the dilution of uncontaminated river sediments. ”
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About the incident, “Rock Church” reported in the “Journal of Health Physics” (July 1984 Volume 47, number 1) in the article “Assessment of human exposure to radionuclides from the emissions Khvostov plants uranium mills and waste water.” The report made two employees US center for disease control, two members of the New Mexico Department of health and Environmental protection and the Environmental protection Agency US Environmental Officer. In this report, two significant conclusions:
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“Overview of state and federal regulations related to the reception inside the dose calculated according to Church Rock, show that you do not exceed the limits for exposure spill or through chronic exposure to sewage, which drained the mines.”
“In view of the currently known cancer incidence and mortality risks associated with levels of radionuclides measured at Church Church and Gallup, we conclude that the subjected populations are too small to investigators could detect an increase in cancer mortality with acceptable levels of statistical power” may mislead creation (cancer) registry with low detection probability prediction of mortality. ”
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In spite of these scientific reports, Chris Shuey continued to promote the project “Education Puerco River” back in 1986, “The Independent independent” extended a hand in promoting this panic, and began with the story, “Drink no puerko water.” The article May 8 (1986), which occurs (conveniently) from Albuquerque, where he lives Chris Shui, a journalist wrote: “With a little water in the Rio Puerco these days should not be used, neither man nor animal, according to the Southwest scientific information center of Albuquerque. ”
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Perhaps to strengthen his expertise as a health authority, Mr. Shui received a Master of Public Health degree from the University of New Mexico, across the street from SRIC headquarters. In his dissertation Shui wrote a holistic review of the literature for “Biyamarkernyh kidney injury – Research Challenges uranium exposure” (presented April 29, 2002). Presenting this work, Shuey spoke with the unique assertion that uranium leads to kidney cancer.
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On his website, The American Cancer Society lists smoking, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle as the main risk factors that increase the chances of getting cancer of the kidney (renal cancer cells). The process of exposure to certain chemicals can also increase the risk. Scientific studies have shown that they contain asbestos, cadmium (metal type), some herbicides, benzene and organic solvents, particularly tryhlaretylen. The American Cancer Society does not mention uranium exposure, which leads to kidney cancer. Cadmium – is another story.
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The problem with the first outlet, and then research evidence to support your pre-thought-out concept cancels the scientific process. For example, Shuey throughout his report, to dance around the issue of cadmium, but fails to correlate household trash burning with the dangers of dioxins and cadmium when it comes to problems with the kidneys and possible river.
It seems, Shuey, perhaps, could not include the largest single source of toxic emissions into the air, which was held in New Mexico until June 1, 2004, as a potential cause of renal toxicity: trash burning. At that time, New Mexico remains one of the few states that failed to ban the burning of electronic equipment. It is reported that such waste incineration emits air high concentration of cadmium. Could there be something obvious, as the cadmium concentration can be a risk factor that leads to kidney cancer, not the alleged uranium?
According to scientific researcher Dalva Swain ( “Trace elements in coal, Butterflies”: 1990), Cadmium with & # 39 is a toxic trace element in coal. Coal burning brings a tenth of an atmosphere kd, as well as volcanoes and is considered a secondary source of cadmium atmosphere. The problem may be uranium and other chemicals. However, the collection of tools to reduce the emissions of cadmium, not to mention the coal fund enlargement, can not lead to sales celebrities dined in Santa Fe.
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It seems a little surprise that SRIC, seems to be less related to health than to its nuclear program. Generally, the reaction of the public on the environment is warm and fuzzy feeling, “Wow, here is someone who really cares about our future.” SRIC worked closely with third world nation, the Navajo, which instantly causes the sympathy of any liberal-minded person. Indeed, if StockInterview.com interviewed Shuya, he was on the reservation in the meeting. His publicly expressed concern about the Navajo is commendable. At the same time we need to think that if the most frequent cause of death among adults in Navajo with & # 39 is the abuse of alcohol (often accompanied by driving a car), then why NSIS more closely is working to reduce health problem?

Visit the outskirts of any reservation and you will find heaps of beer, liquor and wine bottles. One littered stop near the Krounpoynt, New Mexico, took over the landfill. Where mercy cries for abuse Navajo? Navagoytsav more died in an automobile accident under alcohol Up & # 39; yanennya than fifty years of uranium mining. But then again, it may cause a little trouble with a group of environmentalists. Navajo President Joe Shirley Nat Jr. can better take advantage of Mr. Shui, asking him: “Can you help us to solve a problem with alcohol?”

Copyright © 2007 by StockInterview, Inc. All rights reserved.

New Zealand – The Beautiful Landscape

New Zealand is a country of islands, as it comprises of its two major landmasses, which are northern island and southern island. Te Ika a Maui and Te Wai Pounamu are the names of these two islands in Maori. New Zealand is very rich in bio-diversity; therefore we can find different types of animal species here. It also consists of some major animals and bird species which are in the endangered species list. However, the government of New Zealand is very serious to protect these endangered species of the country. Tourists often visit this country to enjoy the greenery and bio-diversity. The people who love nature and peaceful environment may find this country as the best place to spend their vacation. New Zealand is the world's most safe and secure country.

The crime rate in this country is very low and controlled due to strict laws and regulations and therefore the tourists who visit this country find themselves very safe and secure. They also do not have to worry about the safety of women and children. The food in New Zealand is based on the old eating habits of North and South America.

However, these countries do not follow the same food habits and thus we will find some blend in the cuisines that we can see in New Zealand as well. People in New Zealand are mostly non-vegetarian and they prefer to have less spicy food. Some part of the population also likes to have spicy food. They like to cook their food preferably in oil. The food habits followed in New Zealand are very efficient in maintaining good health.

New Zealand has number of places and activities that attract the tourists to spend their vacation here. For example: museums and art galleries, mountain biking and cycling, scenic flights, nature and eco-tourism, sightseeing, skiing and snowboarding, surfing and water sports, theme and leisure parks, wildlife parks, aquariums and zoos. Tourists often find themselves comfortable to communicate in New Zealand as its native language is English. The tourists here also find the cuisines and the food patterns very enjoying and appetizing and they can choose from the varieties of dishes.

The infrastructure of New Zealand is also highly developed as the economy of New Zealand is very developed. This country is also visited by several tourists due to various sports and games. This country participates in several games in the world level championships. The players are very popular. They become a sign of attraction for the people who are their fans. These fans wish to visit New Zealand to watch their favorite players playing the games.

The most famous hotels in New Zealand are Auckland Hotel, Gisborne Hotel, Hamilton Hotel, Napier Hotel, New Plymouth Hotel, Rotorua Hotel and Wellington Hotel. These hotels are situated in the northern region of New Zealand. The southern region of New Zealand consists of the most famous hotels which are Blenheim Hotel, Christchurch Hotel, Dunedin Hotel and Gore Hotel. These hotels are very beautiful, well developed and attractive.

The Taos Hum Mysterious Low Frequency Humming Noise

Residents in Great Britain and parts of the South Western United States have subsisted in complaining about a infuriating hum that at this moment continues to persist. Furthermore, research workers have been powerless to determine its origin. Not all individuals can hear the low pitched hum, in addition to those who say that it appears simulated in nature.

In 1977, a UK newspaper received almost 800 correspondences from persons complaining of loss of sleep, light headness, shortness of breath, sore heads, uneasiness, grouchiness, worsening health, incapability to read or study on account of the continuous hum. Most well known in the United States is the "Taos Hum". Over there the nuisance was so serious for the "hearers" in Taos, United States, that they coordinated and called upon Congress to look into the issue and assist them in determining the origins of the sound. No definitive sources were uncovered however, one widespread supposition contains that the hum is produced by a military communications device used to liaise with submarines.

The majority of hearers speak about the sound which begins quickly, never decreases, hampers sleep and is additionally evident inside a household or motor vehicle rather than externally. Some characterize it as sounding similar to a diesel engine idling, in the distance. Given that it has not been substantiated by microphones or very low frequency antennae, its origin and nature are nevertheless an enigma.

1997 saw Congress guide researchers and commentators from some of the most esteemed investigation institutions in the country to look into a curious low frequency "Taos Hum" heard by inhabitants around and nearby the tiny town of Taos, New Mexico. For years those who had overheard the sound, frequently characterized by them as a "hum", had been looking for solutions. No one was certain when it started, but its continuation guided initially a handful of participants and then subsequently many of those who heard it ('hearers') to come together.

The research Congress called upon included a line up of around 12 researchers from a quantity of scientific organizations. Joe Mullins of the Academy of New Mexico and Horace Poteet of Sandia National Labs composed the team's concluding account. Additional New Mexico investigation associations participating comprised Phillips Air Force Research lab and the Los Alamos National Research lab. Apprehension by hearers that the hum might have been produced by the Department of Defense guaranteed that the inquiry was managed in the open and that a sizable quantity of individuals was contacted.

The initial objective of the investigatory team was to open dialogue with the hearers with a view to try and decide the disposition of the hum, the noise it caused, its frequency, scheduling and the effects on those who perceived it. Following this the team intended to survey inhabitants of Taos and the enem districts to decide how broadly placed the hum was present. Eventually, the team was to try to isolate and decide the source of the noise. Significant to their attempt was the group's obvious benefit in deciding the source of the occurrence, rather than examining the noise's existence. There was a widely evident comprehension by the researchers that something was occurring, but precisely what it appeared to be challenged interpretation.

The primary inquiry concentrated on 10 hearers and decided upon definite crucial details surrounding the noise. It was persevering, it was listened to by just a tiny quantity of individuals and the noise was very low on the frequency range amongst 30 and 80Hz. There was variety in how various hearers detected the noise and some heard a noise the likes of the low reverberating engine of a lorry while other people perceived a steadier, pulsating, although still low noise. Interestingly, the researchers learned that the noise was not limited to the region around Taos, but was, in reality, listened to at various locations around the state in addition to around the world.

Hearers characterized the growing difficulties they were having with the noise. Consistent with the stories and grievances that had conveyed the problem to Congress in the first place, hearers specified the noise as a source not only of aggravation, but also of light headness, sleeplessness or sleep interference, constraint on the ears, pains in the head and nosebleeds. The hearers were additionally disturbed by the troubling nature of its subsistence, it did not appear like a normal occurrence to them.

According to the Taos Hum Inquiry Informal Report published on the 23rd August 1993, the majority of hearers at the beginning experienced the noise with an sudden commencement, as if some appliance were simply turned on. Several of the hearers inferred there was an association among the noise, the military units in and close by New Mexico, plus that the hum was by some means produced by the United States Navy's Extremely Low Frequency locations in the Northerly region of Michigan. These suggestions caused a non-military presence on the inquiry team.

Following studying 10 hearers the group which now included James Kelly, a hearing examination scientist with the Institute of New Mexico's Health Sciences Center, began an extensive inspection of the Taos locals. Their examination of 1,440 inhabitants guided the team to surmise that approximately 2% of the Taos inhabitants were hearers. In view of this large quantity of hearers, early examination of an origin for the noise focused upon extraneous opportunities for the generation of the low frequency noise. Whilst there were outlying occurrences of hearing inside the low frequency range acknowledged by the hearers, these statistics displayed no coherent background sound which may well have accounted for the noise. As Mullins and Kelly deduced, there were 'no known acoustical signs that might explain the noise, neither are there any seismic occurrences that might describe it.'

Having dismissed extraneous origins the team concentrated on examining hearers' inner ears and on analysing frequency responsiveness. Whilst these studies are not concluded, it looks most improbable that the noise is generated by low frequency tinnitus like some have contemplated. Mullins and Kelly are further likely to support that hearers have developed a particular responsiveness to noises in the 20 to 100Hz radius and therefore, are aiming their inquiry toward compiling an insight to how the ear senses low frequency activity.

Whilst this work may improve the answer to the persevering problem of the noise's source, Dr. Nick Begich and Patrick Flanagan, have investigated a further prospect. Dr. Nick Begich holds some engaging ideas in Mullins 'own remarks that might infer another origin for the hearers' unequaled sensitivity and, conceivably in the long term, an outcome to their near exhausting misfortune. To encourage the prospects of his inquiry Mullins has indicated that, like a society, 'we are steadily building up the background of electronic noise and we are moving progressively to cordless and or wireless belongings all electromagnetic transmitters. If that is the cause of the noise, we do not understand, but we cannot write it off. '

Begich speculates that the source of the noise may be discovered inside this electromagnetic background accumulation.

He upholds that there is an appliance for the transduction of tone which might explain the noise. The critical information may be concealed in a technology discovered by Dr. Patrick Flanagan. Neurophonic sound technologies were advanced and established on an realization of noise conveyance using distinctive 'hearing' pathways to the mind. Average noise evaluating and symptomatic apparatus would be unproductive in detecting the 'sounds' origins.

Patrick Flanagan's Neurophone, conceived when Flanagan was Fourteen, is a low voltage, intense frequency, amplitude modulated radio oscillator. In clearer terms, the Neurophone acts on the skin of the hearer by transforming 'modified radio waves into a neural modulated signal that bypasses the eighth cranial hearing neuron and communicates information immediately into the investigation cores of the mind. 'In other words, the Neurophone permits the hearer to' listen 'without having to exercise the ear channel or the bones and nerves we ordinarily contemplate with hearing.

Flanagan's license was certified following a 6 year battle with the patent office concluding in a assessment of the appliance on a hearing impaired patent office worker. The display persuaded the patent tester that the Neurophone operated, in spite of it appearing to run in the face of conventional concepts, of how we perceive noise. The novel idea with the Neurophone is that we utilize the skin itself as the neural transmitter.
This idea is in fact rather easy. When in a woman's womb, a fetus's skin functions as the principal sensory receptive. Starting from this evolves the eyes, nose and ears. Whilst the ears specialize in listening, Flanagan identified that the skin is also an organ. As a result, if a path could be established to transfer data through the skin to the mind, then data could be instantly imparted to the mind, circumventing the ears.

The Neurophone inserted radio waves between two tiny electrodes positioned on the skin and primarily used existing neural tracts to instantly access the mind. Flanagan and Begich theorize that the Neurophone could be pulsated at the frequencies acknowledged by those hearers questioned by Mullins and the investigatory group. If the noise was caused by ambient electromagnetic areas then the Neurophone technology may possibly be used to appease it. Whilst Mullins is examining the ear canal and our human listening devices, Flanagan and Begich conceive that the solution is further likely to be established through the tracts demonstrated by the Neurophone, which avoid the ear completely.

Evidence of whether or not their hypothesis is accurate is reliant upon examination of hearers. If Begich and Flanagan are accurate, the Neurophonic technology and what has been widely read about hearing may successfully be used to diminish the distress of hearers as the pursuit for the origin of the noise continues unabated.

Family Vacation Destinations To Visit On Your Next Getaway

For people around the world that have to deal with either a demanding work life or even just really awful weather, there is nothing they look forward to more than going on vacation. As the time gets closer to break out, you and your loved ones start putting together a list of potential family vacation destinations in the hopes that no matter where you actually go, everyone will find their own personal oasis.

The toughest part of choosing where to go on vacation with your family is narrowing it down to one location somewhere on the planet. Once you’ve gotten past the areas of the world that are either inhabitable or out of your budget, you still have whole areas of Earth to choose from. It can be a daunting task, and when you travel with family, there can be other considerations so that all parties involved in the trip are happy.

In the event that you’re looking to start your own family vacation planning, here are a few destinations to add to the mix:

Carson National Forest – Carson National Forest is one of five National Forests in New Mexico and covers over 1,000,000 acres and has its highest peak hit heights over 13,000 feet! The weather in the area allows for people to enjoy the entire year, which is great for those looking to vacation but aren’t sure if they can take time off during what would be nicer weather times of year. Visitors can enjoy great activities such as fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, and, of course, skiing and snowboarding.

Taos – One of the most interesting places in the United States, Taos has earned a reputation for being one of the greatest places to ski anywhere in the world, and that’s saying something! However, residents of Taos, as well as visitors, can tell you that there is more to see and experience than just skiing and snowboarding. You are, of course, able to explore the legendary Rocky Mountains, one of the many beautiful landscapes you will encounter. The town also boasts one of the most vibrant art scenes in the country. Taos is also an amazing place to explore for those interested in the original inhabitants of the area, the Pueblo tribes. An area as rich with culture as Taos is, it is no wonder that the area has one of the most impressive tourism statistic anywhere.

Angel Fire – If there is one thing to say about Angel Fire, it’s that there is actually something for everyone throughout the year. Given the usual reputation for Angel Fire to be more of a skiing destination, Angle Fire has made a place for itself during every season of the year. Temperate weather during both the colder and hotter times of the year, great sunshine and clear skies for stargazers, tremendous spring blooming, and an actual Autumn make for one of the nicest places to simply get away from it all. What’s nice is that while ski resorts are very much a part of life in the area, Angle Fire prides itself as being more small town than resort area, something that certainly bodes well visitors. With the Rockies surrounding the town with over 11,000 feet of mountain heights, you’ll really get a true sense of the word ‘getaway’.

Family vacation destinations should be about one thing – family. It can be really easy to get caught up in the minutiae of everyday life, and this is certainly the case when planning a getaway of any kind. It’s always important to never lose focus on spending time with each other & cherishing the little moments that make any family vacation memorable.

What Is Community Infrastructure District ("CID")?

The Background of CID – As the development of real estate continues to expand in Idaho, the impact caused by such expansion requires the necessary construction of public infrastructure to accommodate such growth. In 2008, Idaho legislature enacted the Idaho Community Infrastructure District Act ("Act"). The purpose of the Act was to create new mechanism for the financing of public improvements for the public agencies and developers alike. The Act, styled after similar legislation in New Mexico and Florida, addressed a critical issue of how to pay for new public improvement burdens in a cost effective manner. The Act authorizes bonds to be issued and repaid with a mechanism that taxes or assesses the land benefiting by the new public improvements. This provides for much needed community development which may otherwise be infeasible due to the significant costs imposed by the extensive public improvement burdens. At the present time, a Community Infrastructure District ("CID") is allowed in an incorporated city or in the county if within the City's comprehensive planning area and the city consents to the CID formation. The Act allows for the issuance of general obligation bonds, special assessment bonds or revenue bonds or any combination thereof. The projected annual assessment, tax or revenue stream secures the repayment of the bonds.

Eligible Public Improvements Available For CID Financing

  • Water Improvements
  • Sewer Improvements
  • Flood Control Projects
  • Roadways
  • Public Parking Structures
  • Landscaping and Lakes
  • Lighting and Traffic Control
  • Parks
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Public Safety Facilities
  • Financing Costs
  • Real Property Interests
  • Development Impact Fees

A sound CID should be established with the following overall objectives in mind:

The real estate developer's financial goals should be met whenever reasonably possible since their project and its customers will be repaying the borrowing costs of the CID financing so long as it does not present any undue credit risk;

The real estate developer should use an experienced consultant to assist them in understanding all available options when going through the CID process;

On larger development projects, the CID financing should be structured to allow for multiple bond issues at different points in time and improvement areas should be employed to minimize the financial obligation on unimproved or underdeveloped property; The particular development project characteristics or constraints should be understood so that relevant risk associated with the project's development and its ability to repay bond debt is clear. Examples of this are environmental constraints, infrastructure constraints, and private financing caps;

The legal and engineering side of the construction and / or acquisition of the improvements should be understood if tax exempt bond financing is being used. More specifically, the specific construction related guidelines and procedures should be spelled out when a real estate developer is constructing the public improvements and seeking reimbursement from CID bond proceeds;

The estimated annual cost and the maximum annual cost of the CID financing to the borne by all property owners involved in the development process needs to be fully understood and properly disclosed; and

The project's appraised value needs to be properly performed consistent with sound bond underwriting and appraisal practices because the CID bonds are ultimately secured by the projects value. The appraisal instructions should be clearly defined from a CID bond credit perspective. For example, if bonds are being issued on an appraised value that assumes the project has unimproved lots with no performance guarantees at the appraisal date, then the appraiser has overstated the value for the value-to-lien ratio.

For more information in properly establishing a CID please contact http://DPFG.com

Native American Prophecy – The Earth Is Alive and Running Out Of Breath

Native American Prophecy

I was surfing the net the other day and I ran across an old friend of mine, Willy Whitefeather. He has a marvelous video on You-Tube. It has been 25 years since I last saw my friend, but seeing him and hearing his voice brought back a flood of good memories.

Willy is saying the same things now, that he said 25 years ago, when he lectured in the bookstores of Phoenix, Arizona.

Time is getting short. Mother Nature is about to shake herself once more. End time? Destruction? Collapse? It reminds me of the 'Wolf Age' predicted in the Norse mythologies of my Viking ancestors. We are running out of clear water, clean air and uncontaminated, productive soil.

Is anyone listening? It's hard to tell. With this extremely powerful, politically correct society we live in, we are not getting the truth of what is happening to our environment from the media. We are only getting what they want us to know, so they can keep the status Quo the way "they" want it. I was thinking back and I pulled out some of my old notes that I had taken, notes from Willy Whitefeather's lectures and our private talks as we sat on the floor of my Phoenix apartment and shared stories.

There was an article by Joan Price written in the '70's' called "The Earth is Alive and Running Out of Breath". I would like to share some of it with you and the things we knew 20-25 years ago and did very little about. Is anybody except 'them' listening?

The Hopi Indians knew that mining on their lands would upset the natural balances across the whole planet and not just in the Four Corners. There are critical points on our map where the health of all life on the planet is affected. One of them is Four Corners, where Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado meet.

The Hopi know that this is a 'Spot of Power.'

Negative ions are a significant factor in healing and health. Solar Radiation, rushing water and radioactive minerals are sources of negative ions and found in abundance in the Four Corners area.

There are seven Native American "Sacred Breathing Mountains" in the area. The San Francisco Peaks being one of them. The clockwise and counter-clockwise energy currents of Earth and Sky are important to the Health of the Planet. Traditional Hopi pottery has spiral patterns painted on them to signify these energy currents. Why don't we have Hopi Medicine Men in our governemental agencies of Health and Environment? They forgot more about our Earth that our beauricratic scientists ever knew.

Is anyone listening? The Earth's ALIVE and if we learn to live in harmony with it all is well. If not …..?

Compared to the incalculably powerful heat engine that drives our global weather, all the nuclear devices in the world are just like so many fire crackers. Modern civilization, in exploiting electricity has created a planetary grid of seething and pulsing Megalopolitan Centers (cities) that is out of phase with the natural grid of the planet.

Everything depends upon proper balance. Underground water acts like a magnet attracting rain from the clouds; rain from the clouds acts like aa magnet raising the water tables to the roots of our crops and plants. Man made strip mines are destroying the water levels – no more rain?

The Hopi's believe that if this imbalance is kept up, the land will shake like a Hopi rattle; land will sink and dry up. Rains will be barred by unseen forces. Plants will not grow. Corn will not grow, animals will die. We will die, not only the Hopi, but all will disintegrate to nothing … Time is very short. Is anyone listening? Time to stop power plants, atomic plants, strip mining and drilling for oil. We are killing our planet and ourselves. We have wind and Sun power to generate power. But the powers that be, have not figured out how to put a meter on the wind and sun. When Willy talked about the Four Horses of the Apocalypse, he said, "Fear was riding on the horse called 'GREED."

How can we destroy this beast?

This winter psychic astrology for signs of fire, water, air and land

Excerpt from Barack Obama's prediction of the future "psychic astrology for 2011 ":

It is the pioneer years of President Obama: on the agenda – a lot of experimentation, exploration – things that are not realized immediately. There is a new role for government, and many trials of these roles. President Obama continues to upset people, they still do not see what he does and where he goes. "

Mental and spiritual guidance messages December 21, 2010 to March 20, 2011

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) this winter: If all goes badly, you know that the darkness before dawn (actually, the darkness may be a short-term period immediately after the Winter Solstice – you have to cheer just after New Year). 39; you back the wind, the sails you have installed, it's better than you think – just do it – you do what you do – go ahead, and you can help.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) this winter: Watermarks are trying to finish the job, to get out of the things that stressed them. The end of winter brings resolution and completeness. This is a strong finish.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): for this winter: You, for whatever reason, slow down speed, and then get an official victory, you were expecting. Success is most likely in May. There is a huge difference between the beginning and the end of the year.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) this winter. Earth signs are going through a lot of changes in 2011, so the forecast is calculated for the winter. They live "it is necessary to have received", season after season. Earth signs, of course, busy organizing their material world events and planning stability. There are opportunities to provide a basis or a new business venture. (And if it is necessary to carry out plans for the future stability.) Taurus gets a special opportunity.

Fighting Trophies

Wrestling sports have ancient roots. From Greco-Roman times to matches of the World Wrestling Federation, aired on a regular basis, wrestling has maintained the entertainment and entertainment of viewers for centuries.

Fighting is admired for many reasons. It can be a fun game or serious competition to win or lose, a commercial interest in winning or a way to gain status. It's a non-weapon game, and the human body is used as a weapon of war.

There are different styles of combat. The main divide is between amateur and professional struggles. Amateurism is widespread throughout the world and has two types in the Olympics – Greco-Roman and freestyle. The freestyle is developed from the English form of Lancashire. This style is called collegiate or folk style and is practiced in high schools and colleges in the US

In amateurs, freestyle and Greco-Roman differ from what is at stake. During the Greco-Roman struggle, the fighters were allowed to hold and attack only above the cross. But points can be scored in both by following actions – seizure, flip, escape, exposure, pick up and penalty points. The match can be won by period format, win by fall, win by technical fall, win by decision, win by major decision, and also win by injury. Illegal movements in amateur combat include biting, pinching, and stabbing, strokes, joint attacks, asphyxiation, asphyxiation, asphyxiation, spiking, and genital assault.

The most desired combat trophies are those of the Olympic Games. The countries with leading fighters in the Olympic Games are Iran, USA, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Turkey and the former Soviet states. In the US, collegiate or scholastic wrestling is practiced as a school sport. The Dan Hodge trophy is awarded to the College's Outstanding Fighter of the Year. It was first awarded to TJ Jaworsky of the University of North Carolina in 1995. The trophy was named to Danny Hodge, an outstanding fighter at the University of Oklahoma from 1951-1954.

Professional wrestling is any tournament where wrestlers get paid to participate. Historically, professional wrestling involves matches with predetermined results. American professional wrestling is the art of performance in which wrestlers create an entertaining show by simulating combat sports. Although it began as a sporting event, it rejected all claims to it and declared itself purely entertaining, beginning with the World Wrestling Federation in the 1990s. He eventually changed his name to World Wrestling Entertainment.

Whether you're having fun or having fun, wrestling trophies are sought after as they represent rewards for fitness, agility and strength.

Benefits of animal therapy for autism

For those of us who were in the life of pets, it is not surprising to learn that interaction with animals can have therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Many animals are calm, comfortable and quiet, only their silent presence. And the animals are now also used as a form of autism treatment.

Graduate student of the school of social work at the University of New Mexico named Jennifer Barolo is a research project on the study of preferences and the impact of treatment with the help of animals for children with autism when used as a treatment.

The study, entitled "Effects of therapy with the help of animals for a child with autism" took 15 weeks in the period from July to November 2006. It was aimed at the target figure, there is any evidence that the therapy is based on zhyvol- assistance could improve the social skills of the child with autism.

The results were interesting. For example, before the go with the help of therapy animals eight major Australian cattle dog named Henry, a member of Zachary, who was five years old, has experienced a dramatic fight for the fellowship. Zachary was inclined to throw tantrums, and close your ears and eyes, when he upset the lack of understanding. Participate in new activities was stressful for him. He could not figure out how to play with others, and never uttered a complete sentence.

However, as soon as Zachary met and got in touch with Henry, he was a virtual transformation. Level of confidence is much higher, and he is ready to try out new classes with obvious curiosity. In addition, Zechariah can better understand what is happening around him, including other people's needs. Moreover, halfway Zahar therapy research project completed its first proposal.

In the case of Zacharias, with the help of therapy of animals opened entirely new world of experience and understanding. In clinical reports psychiatric hospital have been many reports of children with autism who have developed strong relationships with individual animals, such as domestic dogs or cats. If autistic children are interacting with animals, any violent tendency, which they may have, usually disappears. They become very characteristics of mothers, especially taking care of the animals, including feeding, cleaning up after them and interact with them.

Blood pressure of children with autism also tend to be reduced in the treatment of animals. In addition, symptoms such as insomnia and headache can be alleviated by this treatment.

Friendship animals can help to reduce any lonely feelings in children with autism, promoting healthy character within them, including personality traits like respect, trust, promotion, loyalty, self-confidence and responsibility. Children with autism may also learn decision-making skills, problem solving skills, as well as language and social skills to interact with animals.

Such therapy may be useful in general as well as in times of great challenges, such as puberty – when your baby will survive many changes and a lot of questions and will need more to relieve stress.

Are key injuries threatening to ruin the playoffs in the NBA?

This is an inevitable problem inherent in racing sports. Although we would always like to see the best athletes come together for ceremonial feats of strength, a buggy with injuries can always take such joy. But injuries to the NBA this season appear to be widespread and could potentially extend a finger in the NBA playoffs, which are scheduled to begin this weekend. Many of the league's leading players have struggled with injuries this year (some see their seasons end early), and those issues could eventually be filtered seriously in hopes of a team title.

The problem with basketball injuries is that each team has only a handful of superstar playmakers who leave the team with a hopeless mess. For example, Oklahoma City Thunder have the second-best record in the Western Conference and have a full view of the trip to the NBA Finals. Led by Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, these two key men make Thunderstorm a joy to watch! But for most of the season, Westbrook is missing. Although Durant led the team to a strong season on his lone, we saw their champion hopes of being destroyed last year when Westbrook fell. Let's hope he can stay in the game this time!

Another player currently struggling with the injury is Dwayne Wade from Miami Heath. The number 2 star next to the legendary LeBron James, Wade's knee a few weeks ago. Although he's back in shape, we'll have to see how well he can figure out when the playoffs start. If he goes down, James' hopes will fall. And while some fans enjoy this rigorous test of his supernatural virtues, there is no doubt that the quality of the team will suffer a great deal from the loss of a key player!

Earlier this season, several good players were injured and their teams & # 39; the riches were ruined. Similar tragic events have happened with Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Nate Robinson. And looking forward to the NBA playoffs, there are several teams nervously hoping that key players will return in time for the biggest games like the Golden State Warrior season of Andre Iguodala.

Injuries have become such an important part of the sport that teams that make it to the NBA Finals are often the ones with the healthiest crop of key stars. When one of your big boys falls, so do all your hopes!

Another NBA-specific problem is that the playoffs and the season are so incredibly long, pushing all players to the brink in a long-running playoff series. With each game played, the risk of injury increases as players fight for points and fights. Although at present it seems that most of the key playoff members are returning to their respective teams and preparing for the big games to come, there are still many questions as to whether they are really fit enough and will continue throughout the tournament. Here's hoping to pretty much no injury through the NBA playoffs in 2014, where we'll see the best players compete for the best basketball prize!

Return Kakalitsli virus to climate change?

I was a follower of the theory of the colonization of the Americas Gerard Diamond "Guns, Germs and Steel". But lately, this theory is attacked, and the main culprit with & # 39 is kakolitli virus. This virus is a & # 39 is a local virus, which is a & # 39 is originally from America, and it is deadly. Dr. Francisco Ernades, Spanish physician in Mexico during the conquest, never called the disease in their works. He listed the symptoms but never called the disease. If it was smallpox, plague or other disease from Europe, he would have known the disease and said. But because he did not name the disease, Dr. John S. Murray, MD, an epidemiologist historian has suggested that he did not know what it is. It was a new disease, a native of the New World. But the Aztecs knew about it, and they have a & # 39 appeared the name of the virus or a large pest kakalityli. It is estimated that the virus has killed 16 out of every 20 people. It was deadly. There were 2 outbreaks: one in 1545 and the second in 1576, after which it disappeared. It estimated to have killed about 17 million people.

Now fast forward to New Mexico in 1993, there was an amazing deadly disease that quickly kill people. Turned out, it is a new strain of the virus Hunt, who first surfaced during the Korean War. Now the virus is also deadly. But the main difference between these two viruses is that the one in New Mexico was transmitted from rodent, mouse deer, to a man. While the virus kakolitsili ended, epidemiologists historians believe because of how many people were killed that the virus was transmitted from person to person. If Khanty virus enters the human, the human race has a problem. Well, in 1998, in Argentina there was a flash of human-to-human. There she passed from the patient to the doctor and to the wife and husband. We are fortunate that he died out before he struck sur & # 39; serious damage to the human race. As he quickly died out, the host rodent was never found.

Now we go back into history to the native Indians living in the southwestern desert regions of America. In 1993, the Indian peoples living in the southern desert regions of the United States, saying: "If the mouse goes over your bed linens, bed linens burn, and when the mouse moves into your house, you move." They suffered from this disease for generations, but it was a new disease for the modern man. This disease is similar to Cocolotozli virus, which local people knew, but no Spanish.

In addition, it might pay a part in why the Indians left the desert areas. One of the inexplicable migrations of early America – why Indians gathered and left their beautiful city in the southern desert regions of the USA. It may have been a plague of mice, which left the Indians with two options – stay and die or leave, so they & # 39; riding. Until now, the main reason – usually overcrowded global warming is hunger, so they leave more clean pastures. The main problem with this theory is that if you are starving, you can not walk very far. Besides the fact that we are human beings, we do not want to just get up and go, well, I do not.

Archaeological records show that they had a similar ritual burning of their homes, which means that they did not return. I would say that the ritual burning was more to move the mouse, so the time for the local people it is time to move on. If there was a plague of mice and they saw mice everywhere, they would have an incentive to leave. Local Indians would know about the connection between mice and disease, and realized that they have to leave to survive. In fact, it's a mystery where they went, no one seems to know. Knowledge about the mice and the preservation of their way passed down from generation to generation. You can start in antiquity, so the saga about mice and men continues to this day.