Five things you need to do in Red River, New Mexico

So let's play a game. Your task is a list of things that you absolutely, without a doubt, have to do while you are visiting the Red River, New Mexico. How long will it take you to make a list, you are sure that this is the main package of measures of the Red River? The truth is that the Red River, like many other small towns, can be close to the most people to disown even a few things with the & # 39 are "mandatory" if you visit again.

In fact there is a very good chance that you will never be able to visit the Red River, that & # 39 is a true shame. This mountain city – this is the perfect embodiment of all the things you never wanted to destinations in the south-west of America without apladkov so many popular neighborhoods. Unlike other places in the Red River have activities that span the entire calendar year, which means that you can visit at any time and still get the best we can offer. This mountain oasis looks as if it collected in the museum to present time in this country, which was less hectic, that sounds nice and relaxing.

Do not let this fool you. If you and your family & # 39; I are big fans of adventure, you will get more than manage. You want to say that you're hanging out in the Rockies? Check. Is the sea level just a big yawn? Well, maybe, being almost 9,000 higher this vsmihne you face. Unless you travel to lead you to the party in one of the major national parks in America, right? Boom. Welcome to the Carson National Forest, boss.

During the calendar year held a lot of activity, and this is due to the tireless work of city leaders. Most areas in the region satisfied with the tense of the ski season, and then remained almost dormant for the rest of the year. Red River took the reverse approach. They not only kills the season, but they were convinced that the spring, summer and autumn are all stacked. Moreover, with the stunning backdrop of native wildlife they really pulled out all the stops interact in the fresh air.

No, but if you got to the Red River, here you need to do five things:

Walking trail Wheeler Peak – Hike to the peak Wheeler (. Height of one thousand three hundred sixty-one feet) is about four miles in each direction, increasing the height of nearly 3,000 feet. You are going to place some work.

Tours and four-wheel ATVs – Red River Offroad puts you in the drivers seat for some off-road vehicles to explore all it has to offer.

Aerapark hidden treasures – Adventure Zip line with three difficulty levels, and the grand finale, entitled Ultimate Descent, which really tests you.

Ski Area Red River area and Summer – This is the place – it is an institution that works for almost six decades. If you are looking for year-round fun for the whole family & # 39; and do not need to look any further.

Pan for gold – You can actually dominate the gold in certain areas. Pioneer Canyon, Placer Creek and Bitter Creek – it trouble spots.

Red River, New Mexico, probably not the first place you think of a place of rest, but, of course, is the last.