Oklahoma City deserves to lose – live the sounds

It's funny to watch Oklahoma City fans get angry when Kevin Durant comes to town.

On Wednesday night, the Golden State Warriors found their way to the MidFirst Bank Arena, and as it was last year, Thunder Faithful treated KD and his Twitter account to burning a solid circle of vans, mockery and signs proclaiming things like "Ingetrity Trumps Rings, "which is the kind you have to tell yourself when you get dumped.

And there is no love lost between fans or teams. Russell Westbrook never went beyond the KD-a-a-not-you-it routine. Durant announced his plans in a web post. It wasn't quite "taking my talent to South Beach," but again KD is also not quite Lebron.

But the story is that Russ heard about Durant's signing with Golden State via Twitter, which I could see was shocking. Russ learned he was thrown out when KD changed his status to Facebook.

That stings.

Last year, he took it out on EVERYTHING, averaging triple double and taking home MVP trophies and even a one-time increased KD for contract size.

However, Durant also took home the MVP trophy. From the NBA Finals. That goes with his ring. And he's on his way to another.

He was in Oklahoma eight years before leaving, seven of them with Westbrook. Both Westbrook and Oklahoma City fans had come to see it as a franchise. He was their best player, their brightest light, all they knew.

And then he cast them for a hotter, younger model. This is not you.

And they turned to him as he was a traitor like him. Instead of trying to figure out a way to defeat the Warriors, Durant joined them. He is fortunate to have failed to pull this nonsense into Fili. We knew we were throwing batteries.

But even in Oklahoma – a place I've never been to, but imagine it's like living in stagnant Wonder Bread, with so much color and nightlife – things turned out to be crispy.

Westbrook and Durant clashed during the match, but hit their heads with their squads behind them. And for the first time, Westbrook took the best of Durant and the Thunder went on to win.

However, I watched Durant's career from the beginning. Because I live in Seattle. Most people forget that the Seattle Supersonics attracted him (and technically Westbrook, though the team moved six days later), and he played his first season here, just before David Stern held this city hostage and allowed Clay Bennett steals the team. It wasn't quite the Colts moving in the middle of the night or even the Browns turning into a Raven, but it was close.

Do you know who forgot? Seattle. It had to be their team, their playoffs, their parade.

But despite his public promises to keep the team in Seattle, fraudster Cloyne Bennett never intended to do anything but return to Oklahoma City and have emails to prove it. However, David Stern was not interested. The city of Seattle, which still paid for the arena, updated it for Sonics less than 15 years earlier and voters were a little reluctant to build a new one.

Just like the greedy bastard that was, Stern set the city an example and left Bennett to take the team from the 14th largest market in the country and move on to the 45th.

It was shocking.

But it works. Ask the Machines. And the chargers.

That's why it's kind of funny to me when these fans feel somehow curled up or start talking about honesty.


Shut up. Suck it. You and your badly received franchise deserve to be thrown out, you charity bastards. You deserve to lose. Forever. Or at least until Clay Bennett or his heirs own the team. I'm glad Kevin Durant kicked his ass and I'm even more glad he won elsewhere. I'm glad he's rubbing it in your face, and I hope this year James Harden, the man you kicked out, will shatter your dreams.

Unfortunately Thunder fans, but maybe Curse of Clay Bennett lives on forever.

Live SuperSonics.

Ah, but it's Thanksgiving, so let's end it on a high note.

This year I am grateful for many reasons. I'm grateful to be a Philadelphia Sports fan, where I meet Joule Embed and Ben Simmons, Carson Wentz and Rhys Hoskins for the foreseeable future. I'm grateful I never worked for Charlie Rose. I am grateful that my team did not come out cheap and I signed Blair Walsh. I am grateful for my beautiful wife and baby who are ready to show up every day ("Embiid" is a great name for a boy or girl, right?). I'm grateful that I live 3,000 miles from a family whose politics I avoid on Facebook, so I don't have to try to explain this "GARDEN!" is not a political stance or that NO ONE MAKES ANTEMMA BEFORE I can eat pie. I am grateful that I met the Guru and the behind-the-scenes team who helped get all this off the ground.

And of course, I am grateful to you, the listeners and the readers.

Congratulations, everyone.


From Lestro