Icons that conquered the West – Lincoln County, headquartered Sheriff New Mexico

Lincoln County Sheriff's sign resembles the violent 1870s, when the city of Lincoln, war broke out between several wealthy rancharami and triple corrupt businessmen. The most famous member of the conflict was William Henry McCarty, alias William H. Bonnet, who was better known as "Billy the Kid", although the law was rejected by the majority of its glory during the war in Lincoln County, killing Sheriff William Brady and several deputies. wearing badges County Lincoln. problems in Lincoln County began when merchants of the city, Lawrence Murphy and James Dolan became a partner named John Riley, who had Murphy and Dolan commodity and banking business. While Lincoln County was the largest county in the country, which covers about 20% of the territory of New Mexico. But this soon changed. Akstel Governor, who was in the camp of Murphy-Dolan in the dispute, declared regulators law. Regulators planned to calculate scores Sheriff William Brady, whom they suspected of robbery Tunstall shop after his death. Within six months of regulators, including The Kid, was ambushed and killed by Sheriff Brady and George Hindman, another one of his deputies, in the middle of the main street Lincoln. Brady has received fewer than a dozen wounds, and Hindman was twice shot.

Murphy Dolan and Riley were part of a corruption ring that extended up to the territorial capital of Santa Fe. They used their political connections to get government contracts with Fort Stentanam, and soon controlled almost all trade in a large county. Huge profits from the goods they were selling for vymagalnyya prices in the store, as well as the low prices they paid less to livestock for cattle, of course displeased the least prosperous residents of the district.

Attorney Lincoln Alexander Maksivin sympathetic to the plight of smaller rancharav. He and the John Tunstall, a wealthy English cattleman, opened a competitive tavarapraduktsyyu to fight monopolistic shop Murphy and Dolan. Their new company had the financial support of John Chyzuma, another wealthy ranches in the region, which is owned by more than 100,000 head of cattle. John Wayne movie "Chisum" is based on the main characters of the saga of Lincoln County.

In 1878, Murphy and Dolan used his political connections to get a legal act, which gives them the right to confiscate a herd of horses in Tunstall as payment for a debt he allegedly borrowed. Property formed Sheriff William Brady order to perform and capture horses, consisted mainly of criminals. Many of the band members Jesse Evans Ganges – groups outside the law, which was once thought of Billy the Kid. The owners have been waiting in the wings, until February 18, 1878, they have not caught Tunstala in the open country. When he protested their presence on their land, he was shot Jesse Evans, William Morton and Frank Baker. Although they were too far away to prevent the murder from a distance he witnessed several "bydlavyh guardsĀ» Tunstall, including The Kid. The murder sparked conflict Tunstala County Lincoln into a full scale war.

Outraged murder Kid and several "guards bydlavyh" Tunstala own created their own book called "regulators". The only reason regulators led by Dick Brewer, chairman of Tunstall's ranch, was to find out and arrest the killers Tunstall. Regulators soon cleaned Morton and Baker and fought with two people in the village, as they did not give up. A few days later we returned to Lincoln regulators, claiming that Morton and Baker were killed during alleged escape attempt. Few believed in this fairy tale, given the number of holes in Kulyaha two men, but because regulators had an arrest warrant, accusing Morton and Baker of murder Tunstala (produced by Alex Maksivingam), they still acted within the law. but figuratively – at this moment.

He could be corrupt, but the brutal murder of Sheriff Brady and his deputy on the main street of Lincoln was enough to convince many other residents of the district that the conflict of "good guys" do not have, as the two sides are in the range of war seemed equally bloodthirsty.

John Copeland was appointed to replace the late Sheriff Brady, but if he refused to take sides in the conflict to Murphy-Dolan again called their corrupt political partners to remove it and replace it with one of their own. Sheriff George Pepin not only played for Murphy-Dolan faction, he was on their payroll. Bloodshed continued sporadic killings, finally culminating in a five-day siege of the house Lincoln Maksivin, during which his house was set on fire. Regulators, who have found shelter in the house, managed to escape and hide, but Maksivin was shot, although he was unarmed, he ran out of the burning house.

In the fall of 1878 President Hayes he was appointed governor Lew Wallace replaced the corrupt governor Ekstelu whose conspiracy with a group of Murphy / Dolan has been a major factor in the conflict in Lincoln County. In an attempt to stop the war, Governor Wallace issued an amnesty for all combatants – except Billy the Kid. Amnesty officially ended the war in the range.

Kid and his gang of followers, meanwhile, appealed to rustle cattle to support themselves and become suras & # 39; oznay problem for cattle breeders in the area, including John Chyzuma. In November 1880, Pat Garrett was elected sheriff of Lincoln County with support Hizumi, even standing on the platform, which put an end to the rustling of cattle in the district, and Governor Wallace offered to pay $ 500 for the capture of Billy the Kid.

Sheriff Gareth and power found and killed the other two regulators – the closest companions boy, Tom O & # 39; Folyara and Charlie Bovdre, and July 14, 1881 killed Billy the Kid in Fort Samter, New Mexico. All three are buried together in Fort Samtery. Their names are carved on the tombstone, under the epitaph, which simply says "Friends". Once a marker has been kidnapped several times, he was surrounded by a heavy wire cage to scare hunters for souvenirs.