Expect success in your business

My wife and I took a trip to the small town of Arcadia Oklahoma to eat at a small restaurant, which was all the excitement. Well, it really was nothing more than a gas station with a little coffee shop and all kinds of soda pop. The restaurant is aptly named "Pops" because of its large selection of soft drinks in all different flavors and colors. The front of the gas station had large glass windows with pop bottles lined with shelves all the way to the top. I tried to count the pop bottles on one wall and I guess there were 8,000 of them in the neighborhood.

What struck me about this gas station was the architecture and the oversized parking lot. the designers of this building were definitely cut for them, as it was not something like the mom and pop shops you see on the corner of every city in the US. Pops is located just off Route 66 in the city of Arcadia, Oklahoma, a small town about seven miles east of the north side of Oklahoma City.

The reason I put it is because whoever owns this small operation really had a vision for success. The parking lot, as I said, was much larger than necessary and when my wife and I left there at 3:00 pm on Saturday afternoon, it was jammed with cars and people.

Who would have thought that a small gas station selling above the price of soda pop would be so popular?

The owner has foreseen the success of the idea and built it before he knows what the end result will be. I think this is a good lesson for anyone involved in business. The only definite result in business is the result that the business owner determines for himself. if anyone had approached me two years ago with the concept of such a place, I would have laughed in their face.

It just goes to show that the vision of the individual is much more important than the perception of the people who look at the vision, trying to understand something that only the visionary can understand. My philosophy is that if you have a vision, build in anticipation of the end result you know is inevitability.