William Aloysius Keleher

Documents William Alaizisa Kelehera in more or less covered almost all the memorable events and celebrations of William Aloysius Kelehera and his family & # 39; and, since 1914 to 1999. The main source of this information was William himself. Thus, it can be argued that the documents & # 39 are genuine and do not contain false information.

The collection had different materials belonging to the history of New Mexico. William A. Keleher, a historian himself, has done extensive research of the territorial state and the era came to an impressive conclusion. Being a well-known citizen of the state of its time, sincere efforts and exploits of William A. Kelehara helped shape the current state of a particular area. A large chunk of documents relating to his research, car & # 39; EASURES and different interests, came in this impressive collection. The collection is referred to as MSS 742 BC, and it comes in boxes of 40, a little more than twenty-five cubic feet. The languages ​​used were English and Spanish.

With regard to the restrictions already mentioned that the collection is open to all for research purposes. However, restrictions on copying & # 39 are somewhat stricter. Research is permitted only a limited copy of the manuscript and printed materials. Something & # 39; I Keleher still has all the rights on the work of VA Kelehera and his successors. Total preservation of copyright users and researchers will be held accountable.

Collection mostly includes documents created or gathered by William A. Keleheram and his predecessors / successors. A large fragment of the material belongs to his business and civic activities in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Collection W.A. Keleher is classified into two series: 1) W. A. Keleher and 2) Keleher Family Papers.

Literary works in Articles William A. Kelehara include edited manuscripts, related materials, drafts / editorial and correspondence with publishers regarding the editing tasks. Padseryya includes documents such as exercise books, newspaper clippings, drafts, invoices, etc., that were associated with the literary works of William A. Kelehera. The files have important information with the highly acclaimed books "Keleher" (Violence in Lincoln County, "Memoirs", "Fairytale border", etc.).

In the collection there are various short works of William A. Keleher not only expressed his point of view thanks to a full-length manuscript, but also through short works and speeches. Being the son of the golden New Mexico, he regularly played for the team across the state. Topics that have participated in the discourse, Var & # 39; Irawan from historical issues to patriotism. His short work consisted of longer essays and newspaper articles, some of which were directly related to the history of New Mexico.

"Family Documents Keleher" report Loreto Barrett (second wife of William A. Kelehara) and their four sons (Thomas, John, Michael and Will). In addition, there are details about the parents, brothers and sisters of William A. Kelehara and other relatives. The materials included sections, correspondence and genealogical information about the seven & # 39; and Keleher, and Barrett. Special invitation cards give us a brief idea about the social life in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There is known, and the level of participation "Kelehersa" in the community and of belonging to the elite citizens from 1950 to 1990. Family Keleher documents confirm that something & # 39; and owns a number of & # 39 facilities in the area of ​​Albuquerque, and especially – Mandell Business Addition, Buena Vista Addition and Huning Castle Addition.

William A. Kelehara paper – it's really good. Not only with family members & # 39; and, researchers or historians, but also with the state, as William A. Keleher was inextricably linked to the Albuquerque, New Mexico. Documents opened historian history, who can find invaluable information about the history and the history of Kelehera beginning of the 1900s, social culture, lifestyle, etc. These documents serve as reliable proof of outstanding cases and achievements VA Kelehera. Not only that, they discovered many interesting facts about New Mexico a hundred years ago. In a nutshell, the article of William Aloysius Kelehera were resourceful collection, which helped researchers to better understand the man, his family & # 39; w and New Mexico about a hundred years ago. It's really a big surprise, as the newspaper managed to stay intact after hundreds of years.