Are key injuries threatening to ruin the playoffs in the NBA?

This is an inevitable problem inherent in racing sports. Although we would always like to see the best athletes come together for ceremonial feats of strength, a buggy with injuries can always take such joy. But injuries to the NBA this season appear to be widespread and could potentially extend a finger in the NBA playoffs, which are scheduled to begin this weekend. Many of the league's leading players have struggled with injuries this year (some see their seasons end early), and those issues could eventually be filtered seriously in hopes of a team title.

The problem with basketball injuries is that each team has only a handful of superstar playmakers who leave the team with a hopeless mess. For example, Oklahoma City Thunder have the second-best record in the Western Conference and have a full view of the trip to the NBA Finals. Led by Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, these two key men make Thunderstorm a joy to watch! But for most of the season, Westbrook is missing. Although Durant led the team to a strong season on his lone, we saw their champion hopes of being destroyed last year when Westbrook fell. Let's hope he can stay in the game this time!

Another player currently struggling with the injury is Dwayne Wade from Miami Heath. The number 2 star next to the legendary LeBron James, Wade's knee a few weeks ago. Although he's back in shape, we'll have to see how well he can figure out when the playoffs start. If he goes down, James' hopes will fall. And while some fans enjoy this rigorous test of his supernatural virtues, there is no doubt that the quality of the team will suffer a great deal from the loss of a key player!

Earlier this season, several good players were injured and their teams & # 39; the riches were ruined. Similar tragic events have happened with Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Nate Robinson. And looking forward to the NBA playoffs, there are several teams nervously hoping that key players will return in time for the biggest games like the Golden State Warrior season of Andre Iguodala.

Injuries have become such an important part of the sport that teams that make it to the NBA Finals are often the ones with the healthiest crop of key stars. When one of your big boys falls, so do all your hopes!

Another NBA-specific problem is that the playoffs and the season are so incredibly long, pushing all players to the brink in a long-running playoff series. With each game played, the risk of injury increases as players fight for points and fights. Although at present it seems that most of the key playoff members are returning to their respective teams and preparing for the big games to come, there are still many questions as to whether they are really fit enough and will continue throughout the tournament. Here's hoping to pretty much no injury through the NBA playoffs in 2014, where we'll see the best players compete for the best basketball prize!