What is a bankrupt property?

Often, people who want to file for bankruptcy are faced with the concern that if they bring a bankruptcy court, they will take both their personal property and the home they live in. Nothing could be further from the truth. This false belief causes many honest people to avoid bankruptcy and continue living their lives with crushing debts. The reality of the situation is that the Federal Bankruptcy Code allows you to keep many of your assets, including your home, through the use of so-called bankruptcy exemptions.

Exceptions are provisions enshrined in the federal and various bankruptcy laws of the state. They state that certain types of property should be excluded from the bankruptcy process. Each country has the right to choose what is, and not is, to be covered as assets released. When deciding which ones apply to you, the first thing you need to understand is what state law applies to your case. This may not necessarily be your current state of residence if you have recently moved. Federal law has a provision for determining a bankruptcy residence. The court looks at where you lived in the previous 180 days before the day you filed and uses the rules of the country where you lived most of the time. To illustrate, if you file your case on July 1st. On February 2, that year, you moved from Arkansas to Oklahoma. You must have stayed in Oklahoma for most of 180 days. That's why Oklahoma bankruptcy rules apply to your case. But suppose you moved on May 12th. In this case, only the rules of the State of Arkansas will apply. Once you have established the applicable state law, you should find out if you are limited to the state's insolvency rules or alternatively, if you also have the right to use federal rules. Some states, like Arkansas, allow debtors to choose between state and federal rules, which may be advantageous depending on the type of property you want to vacate. Some states, including Oklahoma, only require you to use state rules.

After determining what set of rules apply to your case, you can find out what kind of property is exempt from those rules. Oklahoma has a wide range of rules that cover common property types. Some of the most common exceptions used for bankruptcy in Oklahoma are:

1. Household: the debtor has the right to retain his principal place of residence, whether it is a dwelling-house on land which the debtor owns or a manufactured home.

2. Vehicle: A debtor (or any debtor in the event of a joint failure) is entitled to a down payment of up to $ 7,500 for a motor vehicle. This is the debtor's equity in the vehicle, so whatever the value of the vehicle is minus the outstanding debt associated with it.

3. Household goods and furnishings: The applicant is able to keep his household, including, but not limited to, kitchen utensils, a small personal computer, beds, TVs and more.

4. Rifles: The debtor has the right to keep up to $ 2,000 worth of weapons used primarily for personal, family, or domestic protection or sports. Weapons held solely for investment or non-personal, family or household purposes are not covered.

5. Clothing: Personal clothing for the debtor and the debtor's family is released.

6. Tools and Equipment: The debtor can hold the tools used for agriculture or a trade or profession (such as carpentry or power tools) for up to $ 10,000 in value.

7. Income: Your paychecks are yours without the creditor's claims. The check or savings account to which you deposit your paycheck is yours. Similarly, income tax credits are considered as released assets.

8. Jewelry: Your wedding rings and low value jewelry that does not exceed $ 3,000 in value.

9. Savings Savings: Funds deposited with an IRA or 401 (k) or other retirement savings device.

In Oklahoma, several other types of properties are covered in addition to those common ones listed above. In addition, your state may have different rules than Oklahoma. You should consult a bankruptcy lawyer in your country for more information.

Buying Property in Mexico – "New" Mexican real estate market

It seems that the Mexican real estate market begins to "grow old". The inherent beauty of the country and the unique charm of people have begun to attract an interesting mix of buyers from around the world. There are many on the & # 39 objects that can be achieved from new homes to historical villas, charming bed and breakfast for every taste and budget. Together with the recent rise of interest in the Mexican real estate came to some improvements in the practice of real estate. I still do not require licensing of real estate agents, but there is a voluntary membership for real estate professionals, and great strides have been made to ensure "truth in advertising" among realtors.

The disadvantage of high interest to the & # 39 is that the prices have risen (of course, good news, if you are selling). Increased prices, combined with the current downturn in the US real estate make the once popular practice to take a second mortgage on your house today in the United States to make all transactions on the availability of money in the Mexican real estate in the past. Historically, very few homes in Mexico were financed (currently funded by less than 25% of homes), but the need for a mortgage is increasing.

Lenders require a reliable data source to provide loans for this growing market. In the US MLS (Multiple Listing Service) provides information on available properties and trends of purchasing for buyers, sellers and lenders. There are several web sites "MLS", which with the & # 39 appeared in the Mexican real estate scene, but most of them – not that other, as sites for marketing real estate agents. It seems, MLS international – the only real site MLS, specializing in the Mexican market, where buyers, sellers and lenders may obtain the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Another service advantage with several transfers, eg, MLS International, – it is possible to search homes and & # 39 properties throughout Mexico without having to travel from state to state, and the real estate department of real estate office, as it was quite common in the past. A person may have a list of properties that they are interested in, and plan to visit them during one trip to Mexico, saving countless hours of driving across the country.

Regardless of what you are a real estate investor or just looking for a nice place for retirement in Mexico all certainly looks good right now. In fact, it is unusual for Mexico real estate market is doing so well, while its neighbors in the US market is so reduced, but it may just be a sign of a new Mexican economy, which seems to be on the rise. Will continue this growth remains to be seen, but here the future looks just as bright as the Aztec sun on the Mexican real estate market and many new areas, which open as a result.

Jerry Clinton Oliver's Step Time

Tea Party Rallies. Revival of armed militia. Anti-government extremists. There is even talk of secession.

As much as these powers seem to be detached from the current headlines, they are essentially the perfect storm in Jerry Oliver's fictional thriller, entitled Standing time ,

First published in 2008, this threadbare book reflects Oliver's ominous ancient story of a small town in Oklahoma that ignited a new revolution of epic proportions.

The first chapter, set in the near future, introduces us to the newly elected and hugely popular mayor of Temple, Oklahoma, who – like much of the country – has been hit hard by the recession and the resulting cuts. The good mayor found a new and fulfilling life in his attempt to breathe new life back into this friendly little town.

In his first few weeks, the mayor had already set up a Bingo salon, bringing a little more cash flow to the city. He now has plans to work with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce to create more jobs, and he's working with a manufacturing company in California to move to Temple. But all of a sudden, he is confronted by federal government agencies – which stop his plans suddenly.

The mayor's first meeting with a bureaucratic bureaucracy began when the Environmental Protection Agency canceled the prospect of moving the manufacturing company to Temple – a promise it made to residents. The EPA cites the existence of asbestos in a closet and then imposes excessive and impossible mandates for a solution. And so it begins: the discontent of the city with great government and the roar of individual citizens who unite to advance their moral and ethical values. With incredible prediction, many of these angry citizens now carry firearms.

The mayor is not trying to leave obstacles in his way, but the mayor is trying to use the power of the US senator from Oklahoma. Thanks in large part to the eager eagle-eyed newspaper reporter for a good story, the word about the riots in Temple, Oklahoma is spreading rapidly across the country. What started as discontent in a small community is quickly becoming the focus of the federal government.

Inflated egos, political expediency and even jealousy among state agencies and the administration create a political vacuum that is quickly filled with fraud, backstage deals and conspiracy theories. Most citizens believe that the government is governed by several big interests and politicians with a view to the next election, not the interests of We, the people.

Local militias are swallowed up by the Temple tale, making it the perfect battle cry for a citizen who wants to get his government back. When the situation escalates, the president calls the troops and the FBI. But the CIA has its own agenda.

The inevitable unfolding comes with ghostly echoes of the Waco siege in 1993. The story gathers momentum and flows at a rapid pace to its end, which brings a surprising twist and leaves the reader hungry for a sequel.

Author Jerry Oliver has a long and distinguished career, serving his government, including staying in the most prestigious and elite organization in the country – the State Department Diplomatic Corps. He also worked for the CIA, NSA and Army Intelligence and served in five wars – risking his life on countless missions in Vietnam, Iraq and other bitcoins. Before retiring from civil service, Oliver received the Distinguished Secretary of State Award. He resides in Temple, Oklahoma.

Guide for a weekend getaway – Available in the US, you must visit

If you want to go to a good rest for a few days, but do not have a lot of money in the United States there are many low-cost weekend in the US. You can enjoy the iconic attractions, restaurants appreciation that offer affordable meals, and cost-effective, but pleasant accommodation in a hotel – and all without spending a lot of money.

You travel alone, with a significant other with something & # 39; or her friends, here are some easy-to-weekend in the budget:

Santa Fe, NM

Artificial Capital, New Mexico has to offer every tourist. There is a museum of contemporary aboriginal art who studies contemporary Indian culture, live music on the historic main square and manufactures custom-made Mexican food from street vendors. Airfare to Santa Fe airport quite available in a number of US cities.

Milwaukee, WI

If you visit the Brew City on the first Thursday of the month, you can get free entry to the Museum of Art. Visit during the baseball season and go to the game, "Brewers" – it is not uncommon to find day tickets at an extremely low price. The city has many free attractions.

New Orleans, LA

To the south, there is no experience of a city like New Orleans. Always place the party throughout the city – especially in the historic French Quarter. It is a popular place for companies that offer cheap holiday packages. You should be able to find a better offer, which includes a stay in a budget hotel, airfare and more.

Baltimore, MD

Weekend stays in Baltimore is often cheaper than a vacation in the more popular areas of New England, such as New York and Boston. Go to the Baltimore Museum of Art for classical American and European paintings, and well-maintained garden full of sculptures. Other free or cheap places to visit include the Museum Birthday Babe Ruth Tsylburn Arboretum and historic ships in Baltimore.

Memphis, TN

House Greyslenda – another mandatory visit to the southern destination that offers a variety of affordable attractions and hotels. In Midtown & Overton Park has some wonderful free concerts (bluegrass, country, soul and gospel). You will find several available cafe down the street, Bill.

Big Bear Lake, California

If you want to spend a relaxing weekend on the west coast, it is necessary to capture this spectacular mountain town. The lake is seven miles offers a variety of water sports, when you worry again. You can rent a cabin or stay in the tavern or house for $ 80 per night. To get there, looking for cheap flights to Palm Springs.

These are just a few recommendations for the weekend in the US. Use websites with discounts on travel, to book air tickets and live.

Which website with discounts on travel best? Expedia should be checked, because you will find many cheap weekend escapes, airline tickets and price comparison tools. You can also look into the cruise, if you want affordable vacation on the high seas. Use promakody Expedia, to save even more money.

Maximize every inch of space in your bedroom with designer furniture installed

This is an art form to maximize every square inch of space in your bedroom. Only experts can do this to transform the overall visual appeal of the spaces there. Here's how homeowners get enough storage in their bedroom. Designers are familiar with aspects that maximize space and impart visual sex appeal there through the proper use of various design elements. They also strive to get the most out of the furniture so that nothing looks out of place or weird to fit in the bedroom spaces. So you can trust the power of custom and transform the look and feel of spaces of all kinds.

Similarly, mounted designer furniture can create more space than what your bedroom has. They are designed with the size, scale and geometry of the bedrooms in mind and are customized to look perfect for any space. No matter what the shape and size of the bedroom, custom furniture can fill up remarkable spaces to create a workspace with many visible spaces for belongings. Even homeowners cannot move furnished furniture with them, it still delivers great return on investment while adding great value to the home. That's why customization solutions are so preferred.

What is more – homeowners will have many options and choices with mounted furniture as they are given the freedom to decide the shape, size, color and everything else. They can hire a reputable company and get her to design the furniture according to the space, style and sensitivity of the space. But before you hire a commissioned furniture company, you definitely need to make a point to analyze its portfolio and work to get confidence about your suitable project. You can have a suitable company on board and manage the work from concept to completion. This will take away all your design and installation concerns.

In addition, homeowners should not hesitate to choose furnished furniture for their bedroom as this guarantees a durable solution and uniqueness along the way. With the experts on board, it will be easier to convey your personal taste arts and investments so that the resulting designs give an echo to your personality and artistic imagination to the best effect. Expert designers know what would ideally fit your home and premises and you don't have to worry beyond the point for sure. They will take into account every aspect of the space to provide great furniture design.

In addition, it is available to equip yourself with built-in bedroom furniture, plus you always control the quality that is on offer. You can enhance the beauty and style of the spaces and then give it a touch of unparalleled elegance. This is how spaces are rented for a full facelift and when your bedroom is on, there should definitely be no limit. You can have experts working with clients and expect them to decorate the space as you always wanted. Here's how you can live in a charming home and make your dream come true.

The perfect ski vacation

It took a lot of planning in preparation for a perfect ski trip. You have set their sights on an adventure at Ski Apache in southern New Mexico. Good choice! Ski Apache – one of those who keeps good ski secrets. 55 exciting tracks and the largest under the & # 39; volumetric capacity in New Mexico allow maximum skiing and minimum expectations.

Near Ruidoso, New Mexico, offers a whole world of modern resort communities. Sufficient choice of accommodation and dining room – a "finishing" of your ski holiday. You looked at a lot of places to stay and decided that mountain adventures require a perfect holiday … isolated mountain hut. Ruydasa good choice would be "away from everyone." .. completely new interior, tucked away a few miles from the city center … but light years away from other people. Contact them at 800.822.7654.

Now that you have a house nailed, it's time to go to ski. Numerous hotels, cabins and property management companies Ruidoso offer "ski package" with your housing. Together, they provide discounted tickets for the lifts and rental equipment to make the logistics of the trip a breeze! Ski tickets, you will be exchanged for a & # 39; bulk tickets save you from the situation in the long line tickets. Make sure that the outlet of your rental equipment offers booking for your ski equipment, for example, Wild Wild ski shops. Thus, your previous phone order allows you to go to the head of the long line of equipment, virtually no waiting. Do not be afraid to strike up a conversation with the locals. They allow you to consult these tips that will save you time and help you to ski.

Another detail to investigate. Time to check the weather & # 39; e. It's no secret that there is no such thing as too much snow for the local businesses that rely on a high seasonal income from winter sports. This year the rainfall was light throughout New Mexico. For unknown reasons, the rumors about the extent of the light snowfall exaggerate the shortage of new snow. Local merchants are now on the & # 39; combine to present an accurate picture of the situation. Few victims than people in districts. As lovers of real boats, their hand is betting on the snow, in order to attract business, they need to survive. Snow is always going. This year is just … too late.

Let set a record. Snowfall was small but Ski Apache open, and people are the time of his life … skiing! Ruidoso is preparing to storm the skiers who are looking for and are looking for … the perfect ski vacation.

The city of Oklahoma City is the real deal

Exactly a year ago, the Oklahoma City Thunder was the NBA laugh. One of the three worst teams, they fell to the bottom of the barrel after moving out of Seattle and changing their names from Sonics to Thunder.

Things seemed hopeless for this young team, though the talented core of bright futures players certainly gave hope for their future. The consecutive first-round picks in Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, Russell Westbrook and James Harden gave the club some talent.

Still, no one expected the reversal to happen as quickly as it did. The team suddenly nearly matches last season's total winnings after less than 40% of the season, and their record of 17-14 by the end of 2009 is good enough to put them in the top half of the league. In addition, they have some impressive wins against the top teams in the league and they seem to be constantly improving. Suddenly, no team wants to face the Oklahoma City basketball team when they were one of their most desirable opponents last season alone.

How did this happen so quickly and do we have to believe that this hot start is real, or will this situationally hot team suddenly cool down for the rest of the year? Certainly the team that finished 23-59 last season couldn't win more than 35 games this year, right? Is this basketball club really to be taken seriously?

Well, all the indications are that this team is the real deal. It all starts with their franchise player, superstar Kevin Durant. At just 21 years old, he is now the top 5 in the NBA in points, averaging over 28 points per game. I would not be surprised to see him lead the league in scoring this year or next, given the way he has taken off.

Add supporting cast, including the likes of Jeff Green and the extremely talented point guard Russell Westbrook, and you have the cast of a seriously dangerous team. James Harden is a rookie with nothing but his head down, and it looks like this team is really happy to be playing together on the basketball court.

Whether they have what it takes to make room for the playoffs this season remains to be seen. What remains to be seen is whether this team is legitimately good and on the rise – they absolutely are.

Search for available apartments in Albuquerque

If you want to find an apartment in Albuquerque at an affordable price, it is better to focus on the North-West quadrant and developing the surroundings of the eastern city. Please use the newspapers and the Internet to find a home of your choice.

Albuquerque – a town in New Mexico; what else should I know about the city?
Well, Albuquerque – it is not just a city in New Mexico, but also the largest city. It is located on the Rio Grande. It is the 57th largest metropolitan area in the United States. This is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and almost half the population of New Mexico lives in Albuquerque. Weather & # 39; e is dry and sunny. The humidity level is low. City is experiencing four different seasons and soft.

I'm looking for an apartment in Albuquerque New Mexico. Where can I find it?
The city is divided into four quadrants. They offer you different kinds of options for housing and apartments. For example, if you want to be willing to pay more money, you can get an apartment in Albuquerque Northeast quadrant. On the other hand, if you want an apartment in Albuquerque were in the low range, you can try to find them in the Northwest quadrant.

I want an apartment in Albuquerque at affordable prices. Where to find them correctly?
Northwest Quadrant – a place where you have expensive homes, and homes with low-income. This place can offer you a choice, and you can freely choose from them according to your preferences and budget. Neighborhoods Oriental City also give you a wide variety of homes to choose from. Recent events in the Eastern districts of the city, such as the Veterans Memorial, Cesar Chavez Community Center, and the world market, have made these places are very popular those who want to rent apartments Albuquerque at affordable prices.

How can I easily find an apartment in Albuquerque?
Well, in a city that has nearly 70 thousand rental apartments, find an apartment in Albuquerque New Mexico for a reasonable price will not be very difficult. Here are some steps that you should follow in order to find one:
• Spell out how much you can afford.
• Collect choice Albuquerque neighborhood in which you want to live. Take the calculation of transport, cost of living and rental homes.
• Make a list of facilities and basic features that you are looking for in an apartment.
• Look at the lists in local newspapers.
• Check the online services that can help you find lists of the preferred neighborhoods of Albuquerque.
• If you are new in town, join a search service apartments.
• Keep a file of newspaper & # 39; ads, and print lists that you see fit.
• Pay attention to any other additional information that you may need.
• Contact with these parties and make an appointment.
• Be careful if you go for a visit.
• Visit all the apartments in Albuquerque that you shoot.
• enter into transactions with the one that you think is affordable, and get most of the benefits that you are asking for.

Oklahoma City apartments that approve regardless of broken leasing, bad credit or criminal background

Oklahoma City is one of the fastest growing cities in Oklahoma. It is also the 13th most populous country in the country with over half a million people. The metro area actually has over a million. As the city is an industrial and educational center, there are many people who choose to make it their home every year, which means that many apartment complexes are in high demand, especially from single families entering the workforce for the first time or others. who are saving to buy a home but want to stay in an apartment for the time being. Oklahoma City apartments also require certain criteria before they can be approved. One of them is good credit. The other is an acceptable rental story. The applicant must also pass a background check and also have no judgments such as bankruptcy. Are there apartments in this city that approve regardless of the background of the rent, credit or court decisions?

There are several apartments in the city that can accommodate troubled tenants. There is a common misconception that these apartments are in Part 8 of the city, but this is not necessarily true. One can actually afford a very decent apartment in a preferential zone of the city even with a troubled past. Let's look at a few places:

  • In the center
  • Bricktown
  • Deep couple
  • Midtown
  • Asian county

This is by no means an exhaustive list. The challenge is that many of these types of apartments, commonly referred to as "Oklahoma City Second Chance Apartments," are not advertised rudely. Then one is left with the choice of seeking them through trial and error. Sometimes the Internet can be of great benefit. Another way to find these apartment units is to ask an apartment locator and see if they can help you with a list. Usually, they will have a list, while at other times they can only cater to customers who have genuine credit.

Another time you can explore is networking with friends. If you know friends or family members whose credit is not perfect but who have gone ahead and have been approved for an apartment, you can get valuable information from them regarding location and requirements.

It is also worth noting that while these apartments may be ready to work with applicants with less sophisticated history, they will insist on several key requirements. One of them has a job that pays at least three times the rent.

Lost Adamsavy digging

Somewhere, in a deep canyon, like a trough, a small river flows. There are Kopan Adams lost, the same rich, like all the lost treasure of the West, and perhaps the most legitimate from the point of view of the actual evidence. It is the story confirmed by more than one person.
A man named Adams was the commander on the way to Los Angeles with 12 horses. Adams (his name is variously given name William, Edward, Henry and John) was overland by truck, which transported the goods at a price between Los Angeles and Tucson, Arizona. He was married, with a wife and three children in Los Angeles.

After his last trip Adams encamped in the vicinity of Florence, Arizona. Apache, pabirayuchysya with their horses, woke him. Adams chased and adjusted animals.

When he returned to his camp, he found that his car off, and all its other products, including two thousand dollars, received for the delivery of goods disappeared. Apache just used the kidnapping of horses to allow them to plunder the camp of its true value.
Gone value, except for 12 horses, no money went to Adams friendly Pima Indian village, where there is currently Gila Bend, Arizona. There he listened to trade stories about the miners prospecting. Mexican half-breed nicknamed "Gatcha ear" listening to the miners expressed their desire to find gold. Man named Gotch-ear due to a deformed and crumpled the share of one ear.

Apache captured Goth Houches and his brother when they were young boys who lived in Mexico. Gatcha ear was in the women of the tribe, because he killed the Apache, who killed his brother in a fight.

Gotch Ear finally approached a group of miners. If you are interested in gold again, he told them that he knew the canyon for ten days on horseback, where the stream is literally flowing with gold nuggets. He asked in return – it is the horse that takes him to Mexico.

It was in 1864. Gotch Houches sent a group of 22 people. Gotch Ear for several days led gold lascivious group of Gila River generally north-easterly direction. August 25, or approximately one of the group camped in a low area between two lofty peaks. Ord and Mt. Bald.

This led to confusion for treasure hunters, since OSA Mountain is located north of Phoenix and wrong travels Gotch Houches and his followers.

As Adams had all horses miners who voted in gold, chose him as their leader.

After four days traveling on hard wood, Mexican youth spent miners around the high mountain, which Adams and Jon Braver, one of the miners, said to have been the White Mountains in eastern Arizona.

The group finally reached what seemed like a canyon. Here they settled down for the night. In the morning they came to the edge of the canyon of reddish color, but which was actually a solid stone wall height of from sixty to seventy feet.

Gotch Ear led people around a huge boulder at the base of the wall. There, through a hidden portal, they entered the canyon zigzag, so tight Adams said later that the rider, widely stretched hands, can affect both sides.

On the floor of the canyon lay stream, they walked through the meadow with ten sizes. Here, they made camp for the night.

Miners unlikely to have settled and started to collect the yellow metal, before a group of Apaches led by Chief nano with & # 39; appeared in a meadow near a waterfall.

Nano ordered the miners to take whatever they wanted from the stream, but does not make an effort to find gold deposits on the canyon above the waterfall. He also ordered them to leave in the near future and will never return.

While gold is not fond of the Indians, but the canyon, where he was, did it. Canyon, called nano "Sno-minute-sen", was a very special religious place for the Indians.

Apache also believed that the gold – a "solar tears." Nobody touched the sun tears, because he was the source of all life.

Seekers of gold remained in the canyon against the order of Nana. They not only remained, but soon began construction of the cabin. For three weeks, they gathered about sixty thousand dollars gold is put into a container and put it in the focus of an unfinished cabin.

The intention was to further distribute gold man recon party, with the exception of the German nickname for Snively. Snively daily take his portion, and kept his gold from the rest.

Consumables quickly ended. Party of five miners led by John Pivert was appointed to travel to Fort Wingate to replenish the camp. The miners were carrying nuggets – as big as a turkey eggs – for payment.

In the settlement, when miners paid for their huge gold nuggets storekeeper carefully noted this fact.

Meanwhile, the chief of the Apache Nana, invisible, continued to observe vigorous activity by the stream, and also noted the brazen nighttime hiking up the canyon to look for the source of the gold.
He was not satisfied. He ordered his soldiers to kill Apache five-year group of power when she returned from Fort Uingate. This was done with the exception of one person Brewers, who escaped.
Then the Apaches killed all the miners in the canyon, with the exception of two persons who were at a distance from the England camp. Dirty, a German who had already taken gold and returned to Germany. Years later Snively checked in detail the existence of gold.

One of the two men who escaped the massacre with the Apaches, was Adams, and the second – Jack Davidson. The only reason, when two people escaped Apache anger is that they went in search of long-running crew Fort Wingate power.

Adams and Davidson decided that for safety it is best to go to Los Angeles in order to avoid further contact with the Apaches. When traveling at night, they were lost.

According to one story, they were spotted by US soldiers and taken to the Fort Apache. This casts doubt on this version, but the Fort Apache was set up in 1872.

Later, Jack Davidson said that they were taken to Fort Whipple, east Preskota.

Davidson and Adams did not know that John Braver, who led the party supplies, Apache also escaped punishment. Brewer stood on the canyon wall and reached the friendly Pueblo Indians. Eventually Brewer went to Colorado, married an Indian woman, and grew up in the family & # 39; and.
Adams returned to his family & # 39; and in California, and stayed there for ten years. He was afraid to return to New Mexico to look for digging.

Adams did return in 1874. He searched and searched for the lost "Adams Kapanku" until his death in 1876, but was not able to move to a gold mine.

There are many stories about trying to go all the way Gotch Ush and his followers.

A man named Edward Doheny, passing through New Mexico in Phoenix, looking for work, said that rode through the canyon, before he realized that he could not cross it. Before you go back, he saw the ruins of a burnt-out cabin, but at the time did not know anything about the history of Adams.
Later, after he became rough places, Doha could not find the place again.

Cowboy named Jack Taunsendom claimed that in 1894 in the state of New Mexico found a site "Shooting Adams" to dig in New Mexico. It has never confirmed.
Once, at a time when he was trying to move the "golden river", Adams met Bob Lewis in the cabin. Lewis was also looking for "digging".

"Go and look for the bones of those who carried the supplies into the canyon. Show my bones, and I'll show you the gold."

According to Lee account fields on a site called "Chase" Lewis found the bones. He found them in thirty years. The slot has been invested skeletons of several men covered with pieces of trays and stones.

Lewis was in the mountains Datyl New Mexico. While he found the bone, he could not find the secret door. It is believed that an earthquake that shook southern Arizona and New Mexico in 1887, rebuilt the scenery in the mountains Datyl.

Many, many efforts have been made to follow the path laid Goth Houches. Neither proved to be fruitful. It seems lost Adams Diggings will remain just that – lost.