Oklahoma City Arts Festival

The Oklahoma City Art Festival is a great opportunity for people of all ages to engage their senses in an exciting festival experience. The occasion offers a unique touch with a rich mix of visual, performing and culinary arts and cultures from across the country. Numerous live performances organized at this venue add to the festive mood of this event. Visual artists from different destinations get together, present their unique performances and make the event lively.
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OKC Arts Festival – time for exciting entertainment

The OKC Festival of the Arts provides great entertainment options for adults and children alike. From face painting and pottery making to posters, children’s art opportunities are open. Adults can enjoy great shopping in the exciting shopping malls. The Mart-At-Art Mart is a popular place for shopping exclusively for children.
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Delicious food scents to erase your taste buds

Although it provides an opportunity to appreciate different forms of visual art, the Oklahoma City Arts Festival also gives visitors a chance to enjoy a range of culinary delights. Numerous vendors & # 39; cabins and food carts are in and around the place, offering both traditional and international flavors to visitors. Coyote chicken sandwiches, Newport strawberries, Baja Tacos, Indian tacos, tequila bread pudding, and Upside-Down pizza crust are popular dishes.
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Be a part of the Big Event

The Oklahoma City Arts Festival has a rich history of over 43 years. The Stage Center, Festival Plaza and Miriad Botanical Garden are the common platforms on which the event is held annually. This year marks the 44th anniversary of this major event. The event started on April 20 and continues until April 25. This is a great holiday that lasts 6 days.
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If you are looking forward to attending this wonderful Oklahoma City Arts Festival, arrange for comfortable accommodation in the cozy hotels of this place and enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Science vs. fiction. In the neighboring Mexican environmentalists say the truth

While it may be speculations as to whether Chris Shui influences the editorial voices of the Gallup and other media New Mexico, but it looks like Mr. Shui probably built the foundation for his car & # 39; sphere in connection with the crash associated with uranium . On the other hand, whether someone accused of supervision on an ambulance and for something to make a living? In the absence of episodes of “three miles” in the state of Gallup, New Mexico, Chris Shui helped establish Southwest Research and Information Center in the vocal “expert” kontrpunk against the uranium industry by apparently piggy bank tail uranium in 1979 by a number of church rock. Considered one of the worst tailings spills ever to have occurred in North America. We are looking for strong evidence of death from this spill, but got away. Any official published report, which counteracts the preceding statement is welcome.
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Founded in 1971, the group created a SRIC sur & # 39; serious credibility in the media, giving a “grotesque and terrible” consequences of this spill for human and animal health. But where was the actual damage in terms of human life and ecological disaster? We got a resume (dated October 1982) NMEID report called “tailings spills in the mill jinxed in the church: the health and environmental assessment.” The authors concluded: “In summary, the spill affected the environment Puerco River valley for a short period, but it is a little or no impact on the health of local residents.” The report was published three years after the “largest single release of liquid radioactive waste in the United States” (about 94 million gallons of acidified effluent and rear suspension).
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Some may speculate that in the papers published in 1979 about this spill have the sound and smell of barbed, yellow journalism. Others may wonder if these stories are more appropriate only for the most ridiculous supermarket tabloids. If to believe what was written then, the entire population of Gallup, New Mexico, would have fallen to the ground. Helping fuel the current hysteria in uranium mining, the environmental group claims that the project proposed ISL uranium for Iran, near the border of the Church of the Rock in Navajo reserve, caused groundwater contamination is possible. with the same gravity previous spill tail. In a certain sense, they seem to cause the bad memories of this bottling. “It is very well enjoyed by the media,” sighed the CWI Craig Bartels. “It’s a few people who are very vocal,” Bartels said, describing his company’s opposition to SRIC “ISL”, “especially Chris Shui, who considers himself a journalist.”
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The American Center for Disease Control (CDC) did not much stock in the local media. In their official report on the uranium tailings spill:

o “US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in cooperation with the Church Rock community, found no documented use of the river water. Six Navajo individuals who are most likely exposed to spill contaminants were selected by the CDC and tested at the National Laboratory of Los Alamos., where in their human body is usually found the amount of radioactive substances “recommendation. No further action is required.
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o “No public, private or municipal wells that produce water for domestic use or for watering animals were not affected by the spill. The wells that drain water solely from sandstone or limestone aquifers probably will never be affected by pollution pollution” .
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o «Based on limited testing conducted by the CDC, the additional radiation risk from consumption of local livestock is small. The risk is about the same as the increased risk of cosmic radiation that occurs when moving from sea level to an altitude of 5,000 feet.”
o “Camp & # 39; computer modeling identified inhalation as the most significant pathway of human exposure to the spill, however, sampling of airborne dust along the river Puerco in Gallup soon after the spill showed only background levels of radioactivity Moreover, a year after the spill, radioactivity levels… in Puerco river sediments significantly reduced due to the dilution of uncontaminated river sediments. ”
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About the incident, “Rock Church” reported in the “Journal of Health Physics” (July 1984 Volume 47, number 1) in the article “Assessment of human exposure to radionuclides from the emissions Khvostov plants uranium mills and waste water.” The report made two employees US center for disease control, two members of the New Mexico Department of health and Environmental protection and the Environmental protection Agency US Environmental Officer. In this report, two significant conclusions:
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“Overview of state and federal regulations related to the reception inside the dose calculated according to Church Rock, show that you do not exceed the limits for exposure spill or through chronic exposure to sewage, which drained the mines.”
“In view of the currently known cancer incidence and mortality risks associated with levels of radionuclides measured at Church Church and Gallup, we conclude that the subjected populations are too small to investigators could detect an increase in cancer mortality with acceptable levels of statistical power” may mislead creation (cancer) registry with low detection probability prediction of mortality. ”
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In spite of these scientific reports, Chris Shuey continued to promote the project “Education Puerco River” back in 1986, “The Independent independent” extended a hand in promoting this panic, and began with the story, “Drink no puerko water.” The article May 8 (1986), which occurs (conveniently) from Albuquerque, where he lives Chris Shui, a journalist wrote: “With a little water in the Rio Puerco these days should not be used, neither man nor animal, according to the Southwest scientific information center of Albuquerque. ”
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Perhaps to strengthen his expertise as a health authority, Mr. Shui received a Master of Public Health degree from the University of New Mexico, across the street from SRIC headquarters. In his dissertation Shui wrote a holistic review of the literature for “Biyamarkernyh kidney injury – Research Challenges uranium exposure” (presented April 29, 2002). Presenting this work, Shuey spoke with the unique assertion that uranium leads to kidney cancer.
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On his website, The American Cancer Society lists smoking, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle as the main risk factors that increase the chances of getting cancer of the kidney (renal cancer cells). The process of exposure to certain chemicals can also increase the risk. Scientific studies have shown that they contain asbestos, cadmium (metal type), some herbicides, benzene and organic solvents, particularly tryhlaretylen. The American Cancer Society does not mention uranium exposure, which leads to kidney cancer. Cadmium – is another story.
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The problem with the first outlet, and then research evidence to support your pre-thought-out concept cancels the scientific process. For example, Shuey throughout his report, to dance around the issue of cadmium, but fails to correlate household trash burning with the dangers of dioxins and cadmium when it comes to problems with the kidneys and possible river.
It seems, Shuey, perhaps, could not include the largest single source of toxic emissions into the air, which was held in New Mexico until June 1, 2004, as a potential cause of renal toxicity: trash burning. At that time, New Mexico remains one of the few states that failed to ban the burning of electronic equipment. It is reported that such waste incineration emits air high concentration of cadmium. Could there be something obvious, as the cadmium concentration can be a risk factor that leads to kidney cancer, not the alleged uranium?
According to scientific researcher Dalva Swain ( “Trace elements in coal, Butterflies”: 1990), Cadmium with & # 39 is a toxic trace element in coal. Coal burning brings a tenth of an atmosphere kd, as well as volcanoes and is considered a secondary source of cadmium atmosphere. The problem may be uranium and other chemicals. However, the collection of tools to reduce the emissions of cadmium, not to mention the coal fund enlargement, can not lead to sales celebrities dined in Santa Fe.
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It seems a little surprise that SRIC, seems to be less related to health than to its nuclear program. Generally, the reaction of the public on the environment is warm and fuzzy feeling, “Wow, here is someone who really cares about our future.” SRIC worked closely with third world nation, the Navajo, which instantly causes the sympathy of any liberal-minded person. Indeed, if StockInterview.com interviewed Shuya, he was on the reservation in the meeting. His publicly expressed concern about the Navajo is commendable. At the same time we need to think that if the most frequent cause of death among adults in Navajo with & # 39 is the abuse of alcohol (often accompanied by driving a car), then why NSIS more closely is working to reduce health problem?

Visit the outskirts of any reservation and you will find heaps of beer, liquor and wine bottles. One littered stop near the Krounpoynt, New Mexico, took over the landfill. Where mercy cries for abuse Navajo? Navagoytsav more died in an automobile accident under alcohol Up & # 39; yanennya than fifty years of uranium mining. But then again, it may cause a little trouble with a group of environmentalists. Navajo President Joe Shirley Nat Jr. can better take advantage of Mr. Shui, asking him: “Can you help us to solve a problem with alcohol?”

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Oklahoma: Welcome to the peaceful serenity of the countryside

It offers various tourist activities: Oklahoma is a state located in the south-central United States. The name of the country is derived from two Indian words of Choctaw "okla" and "humma" meaning "red people". The state's unofficial nickname is "The Earlier State" and its inhabitants are known as "Oklahomaans" or "Oki." The capital of the state is Oklahoma City. The province's economy is booming in agriculture. Due to the incredible diversity of its topography, it has managed to secure a leading position as a major producer of agricultural products. The whole country represents this rural origin, full of pictures such as farms, ranches and ornate natural scenery. People who are interested in agricultural activities and events and want to enjoy some different experiences during their vacation, in addition to the typical tourist activities, can visit this country.

The queen of agritourism: The general scenario of rural America can be described as a combination of oddly colored sunsets, soothing green vineyards, wineries, sweet-scented lavender farms, etc. These typical scenarios are best flourished in Oklahoma. If tourists want to have some different tourist experiences, they can visit some of the countryside adventures in agrotourism. Apple Hollow is a shop dedicated to the production of all apple related items. The nearby apple orchard is the source of its raw materials. This store sells home-made products that are both fresh and mouth-watering. Black Sheep Cellar is privately owned. However, visitors can explore its interior and enjoy their languages ​​in the small tasting area. Bucket of berries it is also privately owned, which is known for growing small fruits as fruits. The farm is open to visitors during certain specific months of the year. The first commercial company in the country to grow lavender is The Lavender Hill Farm and VineyardThe farm is a tourist attraction as it provides guided tours and organizes annually Lavender HolidaysHe also sells lavender products that are attractive to visitors. Apart from these, there are many other farms, wineries and ranches that are constantly helping the state to climb to the top of agritourism.

Celebrate the abundant beauties: In addition to the aforementioned agricultural attractions, Oklahoma has a few other entertainments that are also able to capture the interests of tourists. People who do not enjoy agritourism can explore these places. G.W. Park with exotic animals is the home of more than 1,000 alien animals and wildlife. Gene Audrey Museum brings people back to the old western days. Oklahoma City Zoo, one of the highest rated zoos in the world, can please all visitors. It is a rare combination of wildlife and botanical gardens. Comanche Nation Water Park does it give people relief if they are disturbed by the slightly unbearable heat of the state. Wildlife Refuge in Wichita Mountain hosts a wide collection of different species of flora and fauna. Different species of plants, birds, fish and terrestrial animals live here. This haven provides an excellent opportunity for visitors to observe so many varieties in a restricted area. There is Neskatunga Arts Festival which, while displaying crafts and artworks in the region, attracts a large number of visitors. Other places like The Sod House Museum, Pearson Gallery, etc. it's worth a visit. In fact, this country is a storehouse for delightful events and events that invite tourists to join in the festivities of its abundant agricultural beauties.

Five reasons why the Red River, New Mexico, requires space in the bucket list

Trust us on this one, okay? Place the Red River, New Mexico, in his bucket list. Of course, there can be a huge noise about the city and what it has to offer, and you want to have Zing, accessories, pud and pizza on your list of famous bucket. Red River can not jump from the page, but if you get a chance to know a little about this jewel on the southwest United States, you will be singing a different tune.

"The list of buckets" – is something that is often associated with aging, but in recent years it has become a part of how people describe things that they really want to see and experience at some point in their lives. This is the reason why, when people are looking for excitement and a little (or a lot) of exoticism. Why the Red River, New Mexico, found a place in this list?

Well, for starters there is a good chance that you've never had a chance to really explore the world outside the city bike path. Do you have the best skiing and snowboarding in the country, as well as some of the most pristine fishing zone around. You get the opportunity to explore Carson National Forest, and best of all, you are actually in the Rockies! Yes, you might think that the sandy beaches and tropical weather & # 39; e there – yes, but do you? The average summer temperature in the Red River is located in the middle of the 70s, making their ski and summer destination zone! Again, this is during the summer.

You may argue, "Well, I like that I have had a variety of tours and excursions, which lead me beyond my original destination Under no circumstances should the Red River, New Mexico can not compete with other places.". Wrong. You are also about an hour drive from Tolosa and Angel Fire (in New Mexico), the two most popular destinations ski resort on the planet. You also can not give up the opportunity to check the excellent spa chic, visit geothermal hot springs at Ojo Caliente.

It seems you may need the idea that the Red River there is a place on your bucket list, but you're still not 100% ready, right? Well, consider this: a trip to the extravagant bucket in a bright place, it seems to go hand in hand, really living, and leaving nothing on the table. To some it may be nice, but maybe you are looking for something a little more low-key and peaceful. Its population is only a few hundred people (about 500 at the end of 2016), so there is no pressure of people. There is a real sense of community, as society indicates a house in Red River, "cool" place in town for a variety of events from the 1940s. Do not forget the annual music festival Bluegrass and Old Time, parade and celebration on July 4, as well as art and wine festival, which takes place on the weekend Father's Day. Red River is also open to new experiences, such as the first annual Bacon and Brevz, marking the beginning of the summer and all that is in the Red River.

Red River, New Mexico, may not be found as well as some eternally beautiful towns and cities around the world, but it does have something special that is hard to describe. However, this is quite a place to visit, and a bucket list or not, you'll be doing yourself a favor by coming.

Help! I'm looking for an Oklahoma City IT service with a proven track record

Why Your Business Should Use Managed IT Services in Oklahoma City

As a growing business, you need to focus on how you can grow your customer base rather than constantly managing technical issues. Managed IT services are a great way to do this and all small business owners should take advantage of them. With managed IT services, you can outsource all technical support and other IT challenges to a team of external professionals. This means you get expert service at no cost to hire a full-time IT professional. Easton Technology provides the IT services that Oklahoma City businesses love. Therefore, you need to invest in managed IT services to help your business grow smoothly.

There are no server errors

Server crashes and other technology downtime can be extremely damaging to your business and should be avoided at all costs. Each time your server crashes, you can lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on your sales structure. 98% of companies say just one hour can cost them $ 100,000. This can also make your customers angry because they do not have access to the services they need. Finally, server errors also make it extremely difficult for employees to be productive as they do not have access to the tools they need. With managed IT services, you have a team of professionals to prevent server errors and start things up immediately if a problem occurs.

24/7 Support

You can't always control when you need IT support, which is why OKC IT companies offer 24/7 support for their customers. No matter when you need help, there will be someone to answer questions and provide technical support. This gives you the invaluable peace of mind you need when dealing with the myriad of business challenges.

Technology that meets your needs

Not every business is the same and that means you don't have to have the same technology as any other business. Your managed IT services in Oklahoma City will help you determine which hardware and software solutions will be most important to your business. The goal is to create a rational solution that is easy for you and your employees. Your professional IT team will help you choose the technology that is right for your industry and that will be directly useful for achieving your goals.

Budget friendly

Another reason many small businesses turn to IT services to manage their technology is that they are very budget-friendly. Having an IT support person on your full-time payroll can be quite expensive, plus it's difficult for just one or two people to handle all the IT challenges that arise in a company. Managed IT services charge a service fee depending on the services they provide, and you can adjust your technology package to ensure everything fits within your budget. This will free up financial resources to focus on other things, which is very important for a growing company.

Proactive software updates

One of the most important parts of maintaining your technology is making sure that every program you use receives the right updates and patches when needed. However, it can be very difficult to remember to do on your own, especially when you are facing all the other challenges that come along with running a business. When you have a team that manages all your IT, they will plan your updates proactively to make sure you are using the latest version of all your technology. This can make a huge difference to the overall success of your business.

Professional expertise

Another great reason to invest in managed IT services is because OKC's IT companies employ the best technology experts. Whenever you need help with hardware or software, an expert will be available to help you and get the best service possible. One of the significant benefits of working with an outside company instead of just a small team of in-house tech people is that you will have access to a wealth of IT experts. This means that if one person does not know the answer to a technological question, someone else will certainly be able to help.

It grows with you

As you scale your business, you need a company that can grow with you. Managed IT services work with a wide range of companies, all in different sizes. This means that as your business grows, they can adjust your technology suite to support changing needs. You can choose to invest in more sophisticated technology if you need to, but you can also scale back if you fall. As you grow, your customers will be impressed by the use of technology and the overall efficiency of your company. There is no limit to what you can do when you have the right resources.

More efficient use of resources

Finally, managed IT services allow you to use the resources at your disposal much more efficiently. It is difficult for your staff to get things done and think about the bigger picture if they are constantly having to deal with the IT challenges during their working days. With full IT care, your employees can use these more advanced technologies to be more productive. They will also have more time to think creatively and expand your business offerings, something that is so important to overall growth.

Now is the perfect time to get started with managed IT services. No matter how small your company is, you can always take advantage of having professional IT services. Our world is increasingly focused on technology, which means that you will be more successful if you have modern, efficient software systems. A professional IT team will help you reach your goals and reduce stress levels – without blowing your budget. Contact Easton Technology today to learn more about our IT services that Oklahoma City businesses love.

Red River, New Mexico – Opening for romance for the couple

Relationships – is painstaking work, and even though we all want to admit that we do our part to keep the spark in our relationship, everyone is too comfortable. Most often couples decide that perhaps enjoyable trip will be a great way to get it back flicker each other's eyes, and they go to places such as … Red River, New Mexico?

While this may not be a favorite in the world of Romance, Red River, probably the best thing that could happen to romantic holiday. Think about this: a smaller crowd of people and congestion, because it is not like the other direction, excellent environmental town with this small town (statistics show a population of about five hundred people) and a hidden gem in the Rocky Mountains (altitude almost 9000 feet above sea ​​level). Nothing to & # 39 is more romantic than to spend time alone with his beloved, and you got to shovel in a surprisingly untapped potential of the Red River.

We must understand that if you risk on the Red River, you come up with snow. In fact, you will encounter a lot of snow. Meteorological data point on average over 200 inches of snow a year, and in the city, which has an area of ​​one square mile (US Census Bureau), you will greatly appreciate the snow. This is the romance. You may have a favorite move out of the country, in which almost no snow. In fact, neither of you may have never interacted with snow. Why not experience the magic is not only to be together in the Rocky Mountains, but also to experience the epic snow as a couple? Now you can virtually see: ruddy Self, creating snowmen together, class skiing together. He practically has romance written all over.

Here, here, where the cute romantic you must accept the concept of thinking outside the box. Of course, the rain – it's amazing, but remember that you are in a remote mountain setting, so you will need to use what you and your partner actually, and if his story is, you're lucky. Red River, New York, even at small sizes, has finally five spots recognized as worthy of your stay in the National Register of Historic Places, including the little red school house museum and the house of P & # 39; EPA Fuller. It is also important to note that the Red River has attracted attention in the framework of the second gold rush in the 1870s. Mining has been part of the identity of the city until about 1931. In many ways, you are looking at an important American mountain town that planted its roots during the tumultuous era of expansion and change in this country, and it's pretty cool.

Finally, if you are looking for something like a vacation for the two of you just not too much time, in addition to spending time together, why not check out the hotel Lifts West Condominium on the high street? You have not only the premiership & # 39; er minister in luxurious living spaces in the area, but you can even dine at a romantic dinner in Brett & # 39; s Bistro, refined restaurant located in the hotel and the brainchild of the famous resident of the Red River, with & # 39 is a veteran of prominent people. dining industry.

In the end, maybe the Red River, New Mexico, not the most popular, well-known "kid in town," which stands out among the crowd. For those who seek to fan the flames of love, what more could you ask for?

Oklahoma City deserves to lose – live the sounds

It's funny to watch Oklahoma City fans get angry when Kevin Durant comes to town.

On Wednesday night, the Golden State Warriors found their way to the MidFirst Bank Arena, and as it was last year, Thunder Faithful treated KD and his Twitter account to burning a solid circle of vans, mockery and signs proclaiming things like "Ingetrity Trumps Rings, "which is the kind you have to tell yourself when you get dumped.

And there is no love lost between fans or teams. Russell Westbrook never went beyond the KD-a-a-not-you-it routine. Durant announced his plans in a web post. It wasn't quite "taking my talent to South Beach," but again KD is also not quite Lebron.

But the story is that Russ heard about Durant's signing with Golden State via Twitter, which I could see was shocking. Russ learned he was thrown out when KD changed his status to Facebook.

That stings.

Last year, he took it out on EVERYTHING, averaging triple double and taking home MVP trophies and even a one-time increased KD for contract size.

However, Durant also took home the MVP trophy. From the NBA Finals. That goes with his ring. And he's on his way to another.

He was in Oklahoma eight years before leaving, seven of them with Westbrook. Both Westbrook and Oklahoma City fans had come to see it as a franchise. He was their best player, their brightest light, all they knew.

And then he cast them for a hotter, younger model. This is not you.

And they turned to him as he was a traitor like him. Instead of trying to figure out a way to defeat the Warriors, Durant joined them. He is fortunate to have failed to pull this nonsense into Fili. We knew we were throwing batteries.

But even in Oklahoma – a place I've never been to, but imagine it's like living in stagnant Wonder Bread, with so much color and nightlife – things turned out to be crispy.

Westbrook and Durant clashed during the match, but hit their heads with their squads behind them. And for the first time, Westbrook took the best of Durant and the Thunder went on to win.

However, I watched Durant's career from the beginning. Because I live in Seattle. Most people forget that the Seattle Supersonics attracted him (and technically Westbrook, though the team moved six days later), and he played his first season here, just before David Stern held this city hostage and allowed Clay Bennett steals the team. It wasn't quite the Colts moving in the middle of the night or even the Browns turning into a Raven, but it was close.

Do you know who forgot? Seattle. It had to be their team, their playoffs, their parade.

But despite his public promises to keep the team in Seattle, fraudster Cloyne Bennett never intended to do anything but return to Oklahoma City and have emails to prove it. However, David Stern was not interested. The city of Seattle, which still paid for the arena, updated it for Sonics less than 15 years earlier and voters were a little reluctant to build a new one.

Just like the greedy bastard that was, Stern set the city an example and left Bennett to take the team from the 14th largest market in the country and move on to the 45th.

It was shocking.

But it works. Ask the Machines. And the chargers.

That's why it's kind of funny to me when these fans feel somehow curled up or start talking about honesty.


Shut up. Suck it. You and your badly received franchise deserve to be thrown out, you charity bastards. You deserve to lose. Forever. Or at least until Clay Bennett or his heirs own the team. I'm glad Kevin Durant kicked his ass and I'm even more glad he won elsewhere. I'm glad he's rubbing it in your face, and I hope this year James Harden, the man you kicked out, will shatter your dreams.

Unfortunately Thunder fans, but maybe Curse of Clay Bennett lives on forever.

Live SuperSonics.

Ah, but it's Thanksgiving, so let's end it on a high note.

This year I am grateful for many reasons. I'm grateful to be a Philadelphia Sports fan, where I meet Joule Embed and Ben Simmons, Carson Wentz and Rhys Hoskins for the foreseeable future. I'm grateful I never worked for Charlie Rose. I am grateful that my team did not come out cheap and I signed Blair Walsh. I am grateful for my beautiful wife and baby who are ready to show up every day ("Embiid" is a great name for a boy or girl, right?). I'm grateful that I live 3,000 miles from a family whose politics I avoid on Facebook, so I don't have to try to explain this "GARDEN!" is not a political stance or that NO ONE MAKES ANTEMMA BEFORE I can eat pie. I am grateful that I met the Guru and the behind-the-scenes team who helped get all this off the ground.

And of course, I am grateful to you, the listeners and the readers.

Congratulations, everyone.


From Lestro

Nine things you need to do in Red River, New Mexico for a couple

United States – a unique part of the world, because if you look across the broad expanse of our country, you will find any type of climate, landscape and soil that you could imagine. If you are lucky, you can find the only places that provide it all in one place, and this place – the Red River, New Mexico. Not only do you face the southern part of the stories of the Rocky Mountains, you will also encounter a surprisingly dry, dessert areas nearby.

Red River – a quaint mountain town that is often considered such jong-vacation on ski vacation as Taos & Angel Fire, NM to the south, and, of course, places like Vail, Colorado to the north. Nevertheless, Red River offers smarkatyvy winter and summer activities for the whole family & # 39; and, but also offers some excellent times for couples who want to find a beautiful mountain shoots that do not take a great interest by visitors who are trying to drive away the natural wonder of the area.

Here are nine very cool things that couples can do in Red River, which not only makes it unique but also, of course, make the thigh for those who know:

1. Candy Crate, LLP – where you and your pet can enjoy a little nostalgic candy store, which is loved by all. You can also try the famous Candy Mountain Fudge, who has been the hallmark of this candy for almost thirty years.

2. Texas Reds Steakhouse – Before you go to touch, why not try it on the main business landscape of the Red River to stay at Texas Reds? Enjoy excellent food with friendly service in a restaurant that has been operating for half a century.

3. Transit in Red River MIner – Remove the load, using the transit system in the city of Miner. It may not be exciting, romantic, but it's a nice way to get around the city, talking about all the wonderful places you've been and where you want to go further.

4. Dancing on the line – dancing on the line (as well as several other activities) is available in public House in Red Ryveem at different times of year. This year, it is available from early June to early August 2017.

5. Sand dunes – Embark on a day trip to the north of the Red River and see the National Monument large sand dunes. If you are both big fans of scenery and natural wonders, it & # 39; should & # 39; for your visit.

6. Art – if you are both supporters of art lovers, look at some of the most desired product of the area and went to the Gallery of Fine Arts of the Red River.

If you and your other friend decided to take a break and just enjoy the rest, these last three things well worth it:

7. Aramaterapiya in Essential O2 bar

8. Therapeutic massage, facial scrubs and sugar scrubs to massages joy

9. Yoga Carol Swagerty Yoga

As you can see, in the Red River, New Mexico has a lot more then, to offer couples, than just skiing, snowboarding and outdoor activities. Obviously, if these things are made up of both lanes, in any way enjoy. However, sometimes the most romantic just to try something a little bit from the norm. Have fun!

What can be done in Santa Fe, New Mexico

In twenty-six miles north of Santa Fe in Espanola you can reach the river road, which is sixty miles from Tolosa, and return to Espanola on the road, which is only fifty-two miles. Road vicious circle – it's eighty-four miles, which begins with Tolosa and takes one north, then east through the mountains of the Sangre de Cristo and back to Tolosa.

Departure from Espanola to Velarde on Highway 68 (River Road) – a four-lane flat road with mountains on either side. Along the way you will see several historical Puebla residents in the area. In Velarde highway turns into a two-lane highway and enters the valley of the Rio Grande. For the next twenty miles highway runs through the gorge next to the river Rio Grande with steep cliffs on both sides. If the highway rises from the valley near the town of Pilar, the view opens onto a large plain of grass and mountains in the distance.

While in Taos sure to take the time to stroll through the Taos Plaza, was built 200 years ago, where you can find several national and state interest. A few miles south is the church of San Francisco de Asisyai, built in the middle of 1700 for the S-loops Ababa buttresses and sculptures he makes one of the most photographed and iconic churches in the country. A few miles north of the base of the mountains Sangre de Cristo is the village of Taos Puebla, home to a little less than 4,500 people, which is a & # 39 is one of the oldest settlements who reside in North America. Do not forget about a national monument Gorge Bridge Rio Grande, just ten miles north of Tolosa near El Prado. At 650 feet above the Rio Grande is the fifth largest bridge in the United States. The bridge spans 1280 feet, and in 1966, the American Institute of Steel awarded the bridge "The most beautiful steel bridge" in the category of long spans. In addition, the bridge appeared in several movies.

Enchanted trail starts in the north of Taos Highway 522 overlooking the flat plains that turn into hills with forests of pine, spruce and aspen trees, when they enter into the national forest Carson, which occupies 1.5 million acres in the mountain chain of the Sangre de Cristo. . Passing on the highway 38 east of the Quest, for the next 18 miles will be held, one on top of the ridge Sangre de Cristo through the picturesque town of Red River at a height of 850 feet. As soon as crosses Bob Cat at a height of 920 feet, a decent down to Arolavaga jacks will pass through the magnificent valley of grass with a population of horses that graze in the hundreds. The Eagle's Nest on Highway 64 back to Taos on winding roads of the ridge Sangre de Cristo back into the valley of Tolosa.

Wide road from Tolosa back to Espanola begins on Highway 518, where it starts to rise back to the ridge of the Sangre de Cristo. Over the next forty miles High Road route runs across the top of the ridge through large areas of the National Forest Carson, opening the most spectacular views of the mountains of Northern New Mexico. Before the small town Chymao road descends back into the valley. In Chymao worth visiting the church of El Santuaira de Chymao. This small Roman Catholic church was founded in 1816 and is known for its thick walls, the walls, the two bell towers and a six-meter Crucifixion, which is considered an example of Spanish colonial architecture.

From the heart of Santa Fe traveling along the scenic Highway 475 sixteen miles to the Santa Fe Basin at an altitude of 10,350 feet, one of the country & # 39; the most diverse and unique destination. Along the way you enter the forest of Santa Fe, where aspen grows in abundance.

National Historic Site Skelevyh housing Pyue, represented by these dwelling cliffs, crashing into the cliff face on two different levels. The tour starts with a trip by minibus to the top of Mesa, you can see the stunning panorama of Northern New Mexico, as well as the layout of housing built on the upper part of the yard. To get to the second level, you need to follow the same path as the people of Santa Clara Pueblo. The narrow winding path carved into the stone. This level is stretched 2,100 feet along the rock wall with access to many homes. Hence the forty-foot ladder going down to the first level, which reflects the impressive community site and runs the length of the mass, length over pavmilya. With this level back to the center there is a steep, but paved path for visitors.

Under the & # 39; yazzhayuchy a national monument Bandele, should not rush to stay in the town of White Rock and visit the White cliff overlooking the spectacular view from the 270-degree views of the Rio Grande river, when it goes through the mountains Emez.

Entrance to the National Monument Bandeleru with Highway 4 can be a pleasure in itself. Three miles away from the entrance to the visitor center – a very colorful journey with several cooling bones. The trip passes through the vertex meat opening Canyon Fryoles, with spectacular Canyon below. Just past this point can be seen to the removal of the canyons on both sides of the highway. Fairly narrow road at this point to the 360-degree turn down to the floor of the canyon at an altitude of 666 feet. Along the bottom of the canyon you can find pine and pinon Panderasa, as well as other kinds of vegetation. Although Bandele there are only three miles of public roads around the park has seventy miles of hiking trails to the archaeological monuments.

The nearest archaeological site and the most popular – 400 yards from the visitors center. This paved 1.2 km run to the cliffs housing Tyuoni and allow access to the edges of the Mass to see the remains of the long house, a 800-foot section adjacent rooms with hand-carved caves as the back rooms. Add another half-mile one-way walk on the floor of the canyon through a pine forest to get to the house ALCO, where you need to climb the 140-foot vertical ladder to get to the place of Alco.

River National Park – is a place where the west was won and lost, a place of history and spectacular views as it is today, you can find a very peaceful place. The first inhabitants settled here Puebla and Plains Indians, and thanks to its rich fertile soil of the valley followed by Spanish settlers. As soon as the push to move the West became stronger, the Santa Fe trail was opened, and with it came the merchants. In the park there are two trails to admire and see firsthand some of the history of our country.

The path starts in the center of the ancestors to visitors and is a 1.25-mile loop. The trail passes through a forest of pine and pinyon Panderasa ruins in the valley of Puebla, and Mission Church. Going down the path, with great views of the mountains Sangre de Cristo and Gloryeta Mesa quite spectacular. A little more than seven miles from the visitor center, you can go to the second path, the track "Gloryeta battle", which is a 2.55-mile in half-meter climb to the top of the Mesa. Without a book under the directory from the visitors' center is just a leisurely stroll through the woods. With the help of a guide that explains in detail each of the trail marker, it is possible to detect the hard battle that lasted for days between the soldiers of the Union and Confederate soldiers for the conquest of the territory.

National Monument Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument from the tent – a great laboratory in the open air, which makes it possible to observe the geological processes that shape landscapes. Rocks conical rock formed millions of years ago due to volcanic eruptions of the volcanic field Emez. As a result, uniform layers of material along the volcanic rock breakage gray stripes are formed with beige and pink. Over time, rain and wind cut into the sediments, creating canyons. Tent formations located around the canyon are different in height from a few feet to a height of ninety feet. Monument occupies 5610 acres of public land height of 5570 feet to 6760 feet altitude.

These are two paths, one for the campaign. The path of the cave – it is 1.2 km away, which runs along the base of the cliffs and caves. Here you can walk through a forest of juniper and panderase Pinon, providing habitat for big game, such as moose, deer and turkeys. Canyon Trail – a hike of 1.5 miles in each direction, and the first mile and a & # 39 is part of the cave trails. Over the next mile, everyone can at a height of 630 feet. In the course of the trail on the floor of the canyon there is a gradual rise of places, a place for which is wide enough to just one person. In open areas appear high up in the cracks and crevices in the walls of the cliff, where living green leaves Manzanita bush with red bark, which contrast sharply with the color of the walls of the rock. Last quarter mile becomes more difficult as the path becomes very steep and rugged with an altitude gain of 300 feet.

At the top of the meat there is very little room to move, since the upper part of the Mass is very narrow, but the view of the mountains Sangre de Cristo Mountains on Zhemez, Sand Mountain and the Rio Grande Valley are impressive. Ezdavik, located at the top, can answer any questions and help as needed. Ranger will inform everyone when they get to the top, "for boasting rights need to travel to the form at the end of the Mass," is an additional 100 yards with decent 100 feet. After a long hike few take up this challenge, I have, for example. Unfortunately, you need to walk up to the ridge to start the trek back down.

Sixty miles to the northwest of Santa Fe, at an altitude of 4893 feet, ghost ranch, surrounded by uplifting spectacular cliffs reaching 600 feet. Come for a day or spend a week there is to do. Nine hiking trails Var & # 39; iruyutstsa moderate to severe and can last up to four miles. All trails lead you up into the rocks. In addition, they offer horseback riding, as well as cinema trips. Yes, there was filmed a lot of action movies such as "All the pretty horses", "Indiana Jones" Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, 3.10 "Yuma", "young guns" and more.

State Park Hyde Memorial in 4800 feet – the highest state of New Mexico Park. The park covers 350 hectares of forest land and much all year. Three hiking trails covering 3.7 miles. While these state parks trails known views of the valley and the surrounding mountains, they are much more valuable to a strenuous workout.

Next to the East – one mile and is considered an easy path with gain of 200 feet. It's a nice hike and trail a few feet wide, with a precise base and occupies one of the camping and cottages. Halfway there is a waterfall. Half a mile round trip – a rocky trail that follows the creek to the wall channel, where the water cascades over him. At the end of the road in the East and the West – the trail Piggyback. It is an easy half-mile trail that leads back to the parking lot. Western trail of 2.2 miles has a gain of 1000 feet, because most trails and elevation of the next level is considered to be difficult. Durable trail is very narrow and covered with loose rocks of the mountain, not to mention the roots and fallen on the track path. For the first mile is a steep winding slope if once attains a height of 1,000 feet in 940 feet. Hike down a little bit easier.

The trail of the Old Santa Fe runs right through the historic Santa Fe. Here is the Chapel of San Miguel, the oldest church in the United States. Basilica Cathedral, and Loreta Chapel are within a few blocks. Santa Fe area is located in the heart of the historic district with an abundance of shopping and dining to enjoy.

Canyon Road, just a few blocks from the historic Santa Fe – a place where you can find most any kind of art that your heart desires. The road is half a mile in one direction, and you can find 100 galleries and restaurants.

Five things you need to do in Red River, New Mexico

So let's play a game. Your task is a list of things that you absolutely, without a doubt, have to do while you are visiting the Red River, New Mexico. How long will it take you to make a list, you are sure that this is the main package of measures of the Red River? The truth is that the Red River, like many other small towns, can be close to the most people to disown even a few things with the & # 39 are "mandatory" if you visit again.

In fact there is a very good chance that you will never be able to visit the Red River, that & # 39 is a true shame. This mountain city – this is the perfect embodiment of all the things you never wanted to destinations in the south-west of America without apladkov so many popular neighborhoods. Unlike other places in the Red River have activities that span the entire calendar year, which means that you can visit at any time and still get the best we can offer. This mountain oasis looks as if it collected in the museum to present time in this country, which was less hectic, that sounds nice and relaxing.

Do not let this fool you. If you and your family & # 39; I are big fans of adventure, you will get more than manage. You want to say that you're hanging out in the Rockies? Check. Is the sea level just a big yawn? Well, maybe, being almost 9,000 higher this vsmihne you face. Unless you travel to lead you to the party in one of the major national parks in America, right? Boom. Welcome to the Carson National Forest, boss.

During the calendar year held a lot of activity, and this is due to the tireless work of city leaders. Most areas in the region satisfied with the tense of the ski season, and then remained almost dormant for the rest of the year. Red River took the reverse approach. They not only kills the season, but they were convinced that the spring, summer and autumn are all stacked. Moreover, with the stunning backdrop of native wildlife they really pulled out all the stops interact in the fresh air.

No, but if you got to the Red River, here you need to do five things:

Walking trail Wheeler Peak – Hike to the peak Wheeler (. Height of one thousand three hundred sixty-one feet) is about four miles in each direction, increasing the height of nearly 3,000 feet. You are going to place some work.

Tours and four-wheel ATVs – Red River Offroad puts you in the drivers seat for some off-road vehicles to explore all it has to offer.

Aerapark hidden treasures – Adventure Zip line with three difficulty levels, and the grand finale, entitled Ultimate Descent, which really tests you.

Ski Area Red River area and Summer – This is the place – it is an institution that works for almost six decades. If you are looking for year-round fun for the whole family & # 39; and do not need to look any further.

Pan for gold – You can actually dominate the gold in certain areas. Pioneer Canyon, Placer Creek and Bitter Creek – it trouble spots.

Red River, New Mexico, probably not the first place you think of a place of rest, but, of course, is the last.